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There is truly something to the principle of doing things when motivated by love. People genuinely feel it. This is why Grandma’s cookies always tasted the best – they were made with love. Do whatever you do today with love and for the love of it. Your world will be much better.

Some keys to bringing more love into your life.


It was a weekend morning in our new home and my husband and I were sharing some quiet time together. My heart was filled with love and gratitude for so many blessings that we had received in the process of getting a new job, finding a new home, and throughout the move. We were both pretty exhausted from the long process. My husband had a lot of aches and pains from working hard and from not having his supplements for a while since they were still packed in a box somewhere. I had made myself some coffee and I wanted to do something nice for him. So I made him a cup of tea just the way he likes it. I had love in my heart for him while I was making it. We sat down together to enjoy our hot beverages. He drank two sips and exclaimed at the amazing feeling of healing that he felt running through his body. He immediately felt better. He asked what was in the tea. “Love,” I replied.

Written by Diane Kempf