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You are loved by God and one of His desires is for you to know and live in this love daily. With the Prophet as your guide you can spiritually travel into the Heavens and experience this love from an aspect of the Divine for yourself – before the end of this physical life. Many who have been blessed to experience God’s Love directly have one thing in common – they desire for you to experience it as well.

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It was while I was deep in contemplation that I was blessed with an amazing experience of Divine Love. It was given to me after singing HU, an ancient name for God, for a good length of time. As I sat with my physical eyes closed, my attention on the inner reality within me, I was aware of my spiritual teacher who I know as the Prophet, right beside me. He guided the real eternal me, Soul, higher and higher through world upon world of God’s creation, the house of many mansions that Jesus spoke of two thousand years ago. The Prophet took me all the way home to the Abode of God Himself. I can best describe it as an expanse of God’s Love and Mercy, one so vast that it was like a boundless ocean.

To be allowed to consciously return to my true home where God created me as Soul was a profound gift in and of itself. Yet God always has more love to give, for amid the ocean waves of God’s Love, there appeared the Lord Himself in a form that I could relate to, one more personal than the boundless Ocean. The Lord placed His Hand on my heart and held it there. His eternal Love poured into me and I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that God truly loves me and has always loved me. Without conditions and without judgments He loves me. It is a love that has no beginning and no end. During that moment I knew that His Love is eternal and that it is personal, for God knows me and loves me just as much as any other part of His creation, and He loves me just as I am. I did not earn this gift but I was blessed to be able to receive it by the Grace of the Lord.

In the years since this Divine blessing of blessings there have been many times when I have not felt as loved as I did during that moment in eternity. Love is more than a feeling, for when I remember this blessing of standing before God as He touched me, I know that whether or not I feel loved, God loves me, and that all is well as I walk in His Love. This gift of God touching my heart, for which I thank the Prophet, the one whom God has ordained to take Soul home to Him, is a blessing that was not given to me just for my own benefit, or to be hoarded selfishly like a prized possession. This gift of Divine love has blessed me with a greater capacity to give and receive love. It has helped to liberate me from selfish desires and to think more of the needs of others and to be able to truly hear and know in my heart what God, through His Prophet, is asking me to do. I also know that the love was given to me so that I can testify to this: God is real and God loves you.

Written by Roland Vonder Muhll