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We can experience the Light of God in the waking state or, like in the following example, the dream state. Either way, our initial experiences with the Light are often to “wake us up” from our slumber and inspire us to make the journey home to God. It is the Love of God that draws us home.

Our books are filled with amazing accounts of people experiencing the Light of God.


A little over ten years ago I attended my first class at the Nature Awareness School called “Wild Edible Plant Weekend.” I did not know at the time how much this choice would transform my life in beautiful abundant ways. All I knew was that I was looking forward to spending a weekend in the mountains away from the everyday humdrum of city life. Upon arrival I felt something special about this place. Peace had entered my heart and I enjoyed the beauty that surrounded me. On the surface this was just a wild edible plant class, but I felt something deeply spiritual stir within me that weekend.

After the class I had a vivid dream of flying down the gravel road that leads to the school. I saw Del, who I now know is a true Prophet of God, and his wife Lynne, sitting on a bench outside their home. As I flew towards them they stood up and I saw beautiful white light shine around them. The light was stunning and would have been too much for human eyes, but through the eyes of Soul I found this light welcoming and nurturing. I said, “I don’t know why I am here?” and they replied, “Well, we are glad that you came.” This was the Light of God shining through them to me and the love, Divine Love, I felt flowing from them awakened the true me, Soul, a Divine spark of God.

This dream was a gift of love from God through His Prophet to help me “wake up” spiritually. The spiritual tools that Del has taught me for the past ten years have allowed me to accept my Divinity as Soul, and make God a reality in my life. This precious and sacred gift of knowing from experience that my Heavenly Father loves me and has sent His Prophet to show me my way Home is something that I cannot keep to myself. My heart sings to be an instrument of God to give and receive Divine Love so other Souls, like you perhaps, may awaken to your Divine nature as well and truly know God loves you and that His Prophet is here to help show you your way Home.

Written by Shanna Canine