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For those who understand and pay attention to the “Language of the Divine,” life can be a joy to live. Whether through a nighttime dream or an awake-dream this loving guidance is available at every step on the journey through life. It provides the insight we need for smooth passage and serves as a constant reminder – we are loved and we are not alone.


A couple of years ago my fiancé and I decided to relocate from Massachusetts to Virginia. After identifying the general area we felt would be a good place to live and build a business, we began our search for a house to rent.

Two months prior to our anticipated move we flew to Virginia with a list of houses we hoped to see in our short visit to the area. On our way to the first house on our list, a “for rent” sign in front of another house caught my eye. The front door was wide open so we stopped. The owners happened to be packing their car with a few last things before moving to Massachusetts, of all places. We were met with a warm welcome and gracious offer to be shown around. It turned out that the house was not right for us, but the experience stood out as an awake dream, a communication from the Divine, reminding us to stay flexible where our plans were concerned and alert to other “open doors” of opportunity that may catch our attention along the way.

This sense of adventure stayed with us as the day unfolded. Everything just flowed. Planned stops interwoven with unexpected detours and surprises as if we were being led from one open door to the next. Toward the end of the day I followed an inner nudge to explore a neighborhood on the other side of town where, as far as we knew, there were no available houses for rent. To our surprise we came upon a “for rent” sign in front of a gray house with an unusual roofline. When we pulled up, the license plate “OPNLOCK” on the vehicle in front of us caught my attention. The front door was wide open and workmen were coming and going. One of them directed us to the landlord who happened to be working on-site that day. Although the house had just been rented, when he heard what we were looking for, he suggested another house he had nearby which was not quite ready yet. As it turned out it was the perfect house for us, in the perfect location, at the perfect price.

Later that night as I leafed through my dream journal before bed I came across a sketch I’d scribbled upon waking from a dream a few days prior. It depicted a gray house with an unusual roofline located where two main routes intersected, an exact description of the house where we met our future landlord that day. To me this was an added layer of reassurance that we were moving in the right direction, in harmony with God’s plan, as we embarked on this major life change.

At the end of the day any worry I had been carrying about our upcoming move was replaced with trust and a sense of adventure for what lay ahead. Along with this, a gentle knowingness that our efforts, coupled with an openness to being led by the Divine along the way, would result in everything working out for the best. Which it has, in every way.

The golden thread of God’s Love weaves an abundant life for each of us. Developing our own personal relationship with the Divine is the key that opens the door to a truly blessed life.

Written by Sandra Lane