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You are so much more than your temporal physical body. You are Soul, an eternal child of God, created out of the Light of God. Many find this hard to believe but nonetheless, it is true. Beneath our shortcomings as humans, we are spiritually perfect. The more you allow the Prophet to let you experience, know, and identify with your true self, Soul, the more the “earthly baggage” will lose its grip.

Experience your true self at one of our mountain-top retreats.

Child of God - really

We gathered at the Nature Awareness School, ready to sing HU. Del explained the HU and then said that you might know intellectually that you are a child of God, but not fully understand what exactly that means, how sacred, and special that really is. In time and with spiritual experience you may gain true understanding. I thought I knew what it meant to be a child of God, but wondered if I was about to learn more.

During the quiet time after singing HU, I flew rapidly through a narrow dim tunnel and came out at God’s Ocean. I recognized this as the twelfth Heaven, one of the very high Heavenly worlds. I was distinctly aware that I was Soul. Instead of a body, I was my true self, a ball of light. I sparkled with pure rays of white light. Within my light was nothing dark or negative. I knew intuitively that it would be impossible for anything negative to stick to Soul.

When I had exited the tunnel, I escaped the bodies that cover Soul and disguise the perfection of God’s creation. The disguise is so good that it even fools us. Anger, fear, worry, and their relations are not Soul. We are not our defilements or our mistakes. We are children of God, perfectly created with virtually limitless potential. As I looked out at the water I recognized sparkles in it made of the same light as me. God created Soul out of Itself, in Its image, Its own light. Yet I also recognized that God is much more than Soul could ever be, even if Soul’s potential was fully realized.

I was not alone. The Prophet brought me there and remained beside me. As a ball of light he embraced me, His Light enveloping mine. Within him, I felt closer to God, with all that God knows and sees at the Prophet’s fingertips. I cannot find my way home alone. I need a guide, the Prophet, to show me the way.

As I opened my eyes following the HU, the world looked different. I knew deeper than before that I am Soul, a child of God. Beneath my human coverings is Soul, my true self and yours. We are both, you and I, one of God’s glorious creations. Sing HU, look within, and ask the Prophet to show you your true self. A grand adventure awaits!

Written by Jean Enzbrenner