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God’s Light and Love flows spiritually through the Prophet into the world. It has always been this way – for all time. God never leaves us without someone authorized to pass on His Light. The names, faces, and scope of their individual missions change with the passing of the centuries, but at their core, God’s eternal Light and Love continue to flow. Learning to become present in this presence is key to living an abundant life – here and now.

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It was late summer in 2006 and I was attending a spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School. Del was about to take us on a journey into the inner worlds of Spirit. As a Prophet of God he is authorized and uniquely qualified to help Souls discover their true nature and learn about the nature of the Divine. He does this in part by providing opportunities to have direct personal experiences with Spirit, the Light and Sound of God. One quality I have come to appreciate and value is that of the present moment, because Soul lives in the present and because God gives us life one precious moment at a time. This is something the Prophet has taught me through experiences such as this one.

He began with a prayer that we would feel and know God’s Love for us in some way. I was relaxed and looking forward to whatever was in store, grateful for this opportunity to continue to grow spiritually, something that is very important to me. We sang HU, a love song to God. It was totally dark with no physical light, but I could see a brightening as we sang. With my eyes opened or closed I saw that the room was getting lighter, and I could see the other students and the room around us.

I became aware of a beam or column of white light coming into the center of the room. It grew very bright. Del asked us to look down at our feet and take note of what we saw. Spiritually, my legs were out-stretched in front of me. I looked at them and noticed an old crude splint on my right leg and only a stump in place of my foot. It reminded me of a medical contraption one might see used in the 1800’s or an earlier era such as this. The light intensified to a brilliant white, which became concentrated like a laser beam and zapped my right leg. The splint and stump were gone and I was no longer crippled or constrained by them. The splinted leg and stump symbolized some sort of impediment, passion of the mind, faulty thinking, or negative attitude I held that was holding me back spiritually. I trusted that since I was not shown specifically what it meant then it did not matter. Whatever it was had been removed by the Grace of God’s Light and I was grateful for it.

I spiritually rose up and went with the Prophet. I no longer saw myself in physical body form, but as a ball of light, Soul, just as my Father in Heaven had created me long ago. I felt boundless and free! We flew and went into a kind of warp speed where I could see stars and light passing by incredibly fast. A burst of light came from the center of where we were traveling, then all became calm and still. I felt a sense of deep peace, love, and total trust. There was no time, no thought. I was immersed in the present moment and experienced an awesome now-ness for what seemed an eternity.

We began to sing HU once again as a group and the Prophet and I continued our journey. He brought me to one of the inner spiritual temples. Once inside, we went directly to the beam of light that was flowing into the center of the temple. I noticed it was the same beam that had entered the physical room we were in when we started and it was the same light that had healed me. As above so below. The Prophet walked over to It and stepped inside. When he did so, he became the beam of light. What I witnessed was that spiritually the Prophet was the beam, the light itself. He then brought me into It with him. Even though we were in our Soul bodies as light, I could see his eyes as if we were in the physical. I looked deep into them and saw an expansive nothingness and everything in them. Now was all that existed. I felt a joyful peace and contentment just being in this eternal moment with him.

Still inside the beam of light, I became aware of a shower of golden light raining down upon me. It was a strong windy kind of rain that cleansed me inside and out. I felt it scouring the spiritual dirt and impurities away and the wind blew me dry. I saw an image that looked like Niagara Falls and I jumped into it becoming immersed in the Holy Spirit and Its waters of life. It was beautiful, both cleansing and strengthening. It felt like a continuation of what had occurred earlier, nurturing the healing and replacing what had been removed with something positive. I continued looking into the Prophet’s deep, endless, loving eyes at peace and totally in the moment. I felt so many things at once: peace, safety, security, perfection, stillness, love, and appreciation.

Overtime, with the Prophet’s continued help, I have assimilated and integrated realizations, truth, and wisdom from sacred experiences like this one into my life. I spend a lot less time walking around in a daze of thoughts and emotions, thinking of past mistakes or worrying about the future. I am more at peace. When truly present, not merely physically there, I can listen better and be more sensitive to the needs of others. I am able to slow down and savor things in life like a beautiful sunrise, watching my kitty wake from sleep, enjoying a peaceful drive into work, or finding satisfaction in doing my best at whatever task or daily chore I am doing. Life is just sweeter. I have found the splendor of living is best experienced in the moment and that learning to be more fully present with the inner presence of the Prophet does truly lead one to a life more abundant.

Written by Lorraine Fortier