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Our journey through the Heavenly Worlds, our experiences with the Light and Love of God, and our spiritual growth will continue on forever. In a very real sense, there is no “finish line.” Most of us however can point to an experience or a time in this life when Soul was stirred. A time when we knew without a doubt that “there is more.”


It was one of my early visits to the Nature Awareness School for a spiritual retreat. I did not know what to expect, but God knew what I needed and led me to that class. I am so grateful for the Divine guidance.

I first heard it as the weekend began. We were sitting in the field as a group singing HU with the Prophet. It was the beautiful sound of a flute. I have always loved that sweet angelic music, but this specific sound was so much more. It was not the physical sound of any instrument I had ever heard. It was a beautiful and distinct spiritual sound flowing through everything. I was drawn to follow this flute like sound as if I remembered it from long ago. As Soul, I recognized that sound was coming from God and was not a physical sound. It filled me with love. I was comforted and at peace with a sense of being more complete than ever before. As my physical body sat in the field I was free to spiritually soar with the Prophet. In what seemed like an instant we were in a place where I unknowingly longed to be and experienced a freedom like no other. Later I learned the flute like sound is found on the fifth Heaven. As Soul I was familiar with this place.

The next day we were blessed with an offer to be taken to one of God’s Temples. These temples are located in Heaven. I accepted the opportunity and was led by the Prophet to a beautiful heavenly space unlike anything I had a reference for in the physical world. It immediately felt so much more real than anything I knew in my everyday life, with a heightened level of crispness and clarity. As I stepped forward I heard that now familiar spiritual sound of the flute and it was again so beautiful and full of God’s Love. It carried me in comfort and peace. Looking up my vision was filled with light emanating from what I could only describe as looking something like a castle. I went inside with the Prophet showing me the way.

We stepped into a large rotunda and I saw a huge beam of amazing, pure white light flowing up and down. This active, sparkling beam of God’s Light felt alive and nourishing as it illuminated the room and beyond. I recognized on some level that this was a very significant experience. I walked forward and put my hand up toward the beam as I looked to the Prophet to see if I had permission for this sacred act. With his affirmation, I put my outstretched hand forward and just let the light glide over my hand. There was so much in that light. It is God’s Light and Love which I felt as peace, strength, love, comfort, and so much more. There were no words spoken, but this experience has had a lasting impact on me. I have had many more experiences over the years with God’s Light and Sound, but in this life, real change started with that intense and loving moment.

As Soul, I longed to reconnect with the Light and Sound of God. I wanted to let it flow through me as a child of God. The experiences that weekend gave me a reference. It started my foundation in this life to really know there is so much more. There is more than just this physical world. Visits to Heavens are possible. God truly loves us unconditionally. I could feel His Love in my experiences. There was so much more of God’s blessings that I wasn’t yet ready to accept, but they are there for me as I continue to grow stronger on my spiritual journey. I am thankful for these experiences and the continued inner and outer guidance of the Prophet.

Written by Michelle Hibshman


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