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Sometimes we may be reunited spiritually with someone very shortly after they pass. Other times, it might be years later. As much as we may want to see our loved ones and friends immediately, it ultimately brings more peace to trust God’s timing on these matters.

Our book “Visit Loved Ones in Heaven” is filled with incredible stories of people reuniting with lost loved ones.


In the mid nineties I took a job at a manufactured housing retirement community in North Carolina. My employer, Tony and his wife, owned the business. He was my supervisor and mentor, and I loved him dearly. He was very charismatic and had a beautiful way with people, yet was very firm and to the point if needed. Over the years he guided me in overseeing the community. He kept me entertained with all of his wonderful stories and his delightful sense of humor. His stories were about growing up, experiences living in Chicago, and of his visits to the “Old Country” or Sicily.

Over the years I noticed that something was changing, that he was not as sharp as he had been, and was more and more forgetful. He kept repeating things, and was just not on top of things in general. I was puzzled with what was happening and his family was having a hard time reconciling the changes. His wife took him for all sorts of tests. Eventually they realized that he was having an early onset of Alzheimer’s. He was just in his early sixties.

Over the next few years his son Nick ended up being my supervisor and I appreciated his guidance. In 2003 an opportunity opened up for me to move to Charlottesville, Virgina. Then a few years ago I heard that Tony had passed on.

It has been nearly twelve years since I moved. This past week I had a wonderful dream with Tony. His son was quietly standing to his left. Tony and I were seated across from each other in a large wooden booth in a large expanse of room, and he was animatedly talking away like his old self. A journal was spread out in front of him and I could see that it was full of notes. He excitedly shared about a spiritual seminar that he had been to and seemed very pleased about that. I was enjoying myself immensely being with a special friend. All of a sudden it occurred to me in the dream that he was not having any difficulty conversing, not struggling for words. My first thought was that it was a total miracle, that there had been a drug discovered that had reversed his Alzheimer’s! Then I remembered that wouldn’t be possible as he had passed on.

My heart is full of gratitude to the Prophet for this reunion with my dear employer and friend Tony. It was a huge gift to be with him again, and experience him communicating as his true self, Soul. And I am grateful to know that he is continuing to grow spiritually. Love does transcend all barriers of time and space. It is so reassuring to know life continues on into other rooms of God’s mansions. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

Written by Jan Reid