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Each and everyone of us can be a point of light in our respective spheres. Our friends, family, and the countless others whose paths we cross in the course of our day can be lifted up in our presence. It is a conscious choice on our part to stay tuned in with Spirit and allow the Love of God to flow through us – wherever we are. What a wonderful way to serve.


Several years ago I stood in line at the grocery store. The store was so crowded even the line for the Express Lane went halfway down an aisle. As I waited, I silently sang HU, that glorious love song to God, as taught to me by Del Hall, my teacher and a true Prophet of God. As the line crawled forward, a large man got in line directly behind me. He seemed quite agitated. He complained rather loudly about the long line, slamming his keys repeatedly against a shelf. I felt uncomfortable standing next to him. Others in line seemed to be trying to pretend he or they were somewhere else. His intensity was building and it seemed like sooner or later someone was going to be on the receiving end of his apparent frustration. I was pretty sure the clerk running the cash register in our lane was going to be that someone.

The line shuffled along awkwardly for several more minutes until finally I reached the conveyor belt near the register. The man behind me said “excuse me,”  abruptly shoving his items down next to me. He grumbled again about having to wait so long. If you’ve ever worked in retail or worked a cash register, you know that a single individual can sometimes greatly affect your day, especially when you are tired. You might see a hundred people in a day, but one single customer can stand out as being exceptionally kind or unpleasant. The Prophet has taught for years that we affect others with our words, thoughts, and actions. We cannot control whether or not we send out “waves” that impact others – either negatively or positively, but we do have control over what kind of waves we send out. “What kind of waves do you want to make?” Del would often remind us.

I had managed to keep my heart open and continued to sing HU silently in the checkout line when I got the nudge to speak to the man. With a deep breath and silent trust in the Prophet, I turned and said “not very fast today, are they?” – stating the incredibly obvious. Instead of agitating him further, my words instead seemed to calm him. He agreed with my obvious statement and added that it is never fast. The Express Lane is always slow in every grocery store he goes into. I made another agreeable comment and then a weird thing happened. We both laughed. It was like Spirit turned a release valve and let off a great deal of pressure. It was very tangible.

I turned back in line and after a few more moments, I finally reached the cashier. I turned to him again and jokingly said, “End of the line, finally, – you almost made it!” He chuckled and said “yeah, NOW it’s the Express Lane!” When I finished paying he said “you take care now.” I looked back and smiled as I heard the cashier ask him, “How are you, today?” The man calmly responded, “I’m doing OK, thank you.”

Spirit will not violate one’s free will, and it was not my intention to change the man’s mind or mood. Singing HU kept my heart open to God, and the Holy Spirit found an opening to gracefully diffuse an uncomfortable situation. I was blessed to see the Hand of God grace my everyday life, perhaps the man was blessed to cast some of his cares behind and have a better day, and the cashier was spared from a potentially unpleasant interaction.

Life is full of situations like that, seemingly small, commonplace experiences that challenge and test us, and offer the opportunity to be a victim of circumstances or remain above the fray. Being aware of the Prophet spiritually as we go about our day can inspire us to be more of the cause in our lives and less the effect of others’ moods, words, and opinions. How freeing this is to experience! God loves us and wants us to be happy! How incredibly blessed I am to know a living Prophet who teaches me to do this very thing. “What kind of waves do you want to send out?”

Written by Chris Comfort

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