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God is actively reaching out to bless, guide, and comfort His children. Many people miss this because they have no reference for what these expressions of God’s Love for us look like, or they too easily allow their minds to blow it off. A living teacher, one who knows the ways of Spirit and can help you understand your experiences is imperative for those seeking to truly know God.


Imagine you found a forgotten, unopened gift tucked away in a closet. When you saw the gift was for you, your curiosity would likely become excitement. The love put into choosing and wrapping the gift would still be there, waiting to reach your heart. I recently found such a gift and it was from God. While looking through my old journals, I found my first 3-Day Spiritual Retreat at the Nature Awareness School in 1997. I had a lot of fear then, especially of speaking in front of people, and though I longed to have spiritual experiences myself, I feared it might be too much and scare me. I did not see then how perfect my experience was for me, chosen with loving care by God.

On the second night, we gathered and sang a long HU. Though we sat very close together, I felt expansiveness around me, as if I were in a huge room. I opened my heart as much as I could and looked into the darkness, hoping to see something. With closed eyes, I saw a white light like stars in the sky and another light that turned before me like a small spotlight. I wondered if this was the Light of God Del had spoken of, or was it just the light I often saw at night. For years, I would sometimes see light in various colors float across my vision in a dark room. I enjoyed watching them, but never thought much about what they were beyond assuming it was a physical phenomenon.

The next day I listened as other students shared their experiences. Often they began by saying that they really had not experienced anything. No matter how amazing the experience, doubt can creep in, especially if the experience is new and not understood. As they shared, Del helped one student after another recognize that what they experienced was a gift from God. Some felt peace, some felt love, and some saw the Light of God. As the weekend progressed, I stopped being surprised to hear how unexpectedly blessed each Soul was. Still, I doubted my own experiences. It is much easier to see how loved another Soul is, how blessed they are. This can be a first step, first recognizing a gift or quality in someone else, and then seeing it in oneself.

Realizing that God’s Love was truly for me too, took longer. I let fear stop me from sharing my experience that weekend. What might I have learned then if I had shared, gaining help and wisdom from the Prophet? In my memories I found the gift still there waiting to be opened. When sharing His Love, God does not want to scare His children. He showed me His Light, which is love, in a gentle way that was already familiar to me. Not only was I just as blessed as my fellow students, I had been for years. Every time I saw light in a dark room, what I thought was some physical thing in my, eyes was really God saying, “I love you.” This realization rippled through my memories like a healing. Knowingness of God’s Love and blessings replaced how I felt and thought of myself then. By seeing the truth, I gained a new perspective that shifted how I saw that moment and all that came after.

Would my life be different now had I found the courage to share then, if I had understood then how blessed I was? I will never know what might have been. I savor this blessing now and wonder what other treasures lie in my journals and memories, waiting to be opened. What treasures lie in yours? Is there a dream so special you have never forgotten? Was there a coincidence that seemed far beyond what chance could bring? These gifts still wait to be opened. Within lies this truth: you too are loved and blessed by God.

Written by Jean Enzbrenner