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Learning how to confidently “follow your heart” under God’s guidance is one of the greatest attributes you can develop as Soul. Doing so helps to manifest more truth, clarity, guidance, love, wisdom, and ultimately, a deep peace into your life.


As a child and into my teen years I had a re-occurring nightmare. It simply contained two parts. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of regret and terrified that I was alone. I would wake up sweating and feeling that I was not safe. The regret would linger even though it made no rational sense. I was so grateful to wake up and have the dream  over.

Occasionally this undercurrent of emotion would surface in my waking life and I would feel overwhelmed by regret. I am a good person, but sometimes looking back at situations I would wish I had done things differently, or spoken a little softer. I found regret a hard emotion to shake. Sometimes I would spend sleepless nights tossing and turning, replaying situations over and over, never seeming to shake this emotion, even though I knew it was not possible to go back and change an earlier situation.

When I first came to Del’s school I had not shared this dream with anyone, except my parents who had comforted me as a child after these nightmares. Yet once while sharing something else with him at a class, Del turned to me and said he wanted to help me live this life without any regrets. I remember at the time thinking “how could he have known this was a deep rooted issue for me?” I trusted him and knew that he would keep that promise to me. And he has.

Through both teaching me on the outer in classes at the school, and on the inner in dreams, awake dreams, and experiences, I can now say that with the Divine’s help I have said goodbye to regret. One of the greatest gifts of Divine communication is the ability to know what is truly in our hearts. God is the one who placed dreams in our heart and is the one to guide us in fulfilling them. Over time I have developed confidence and trust in the Holy Spirit’s guidance and to follow wherever it leads me. This has led me to the husband of my dreams, to a job I love, and to physical health. All these subtle nudges from the Divine bless me and to lead to a more abundant life.

Do you want to live without regret too? Perhaps listening to your dreams, or the subtle whispers in your heart can help you to know what is truly important to you, and help you to say goodbye to regret and hello to peace. The true and lasting peace that comes from knowing that you are following your heart under God’s guidance. The true peace of knowing that you are clearly and accurately listening. It it truly a blessing of Divine Love to live in peace. Deep peace is available for you too.

Written by Molly Comfort

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