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Many times God has answered a prayer even before we ask it. He can guide us to recognize the answer, which has sometimes been right before our eyes all along. It makes one wonder what other gifts of love are already in our life only waiting for us to discover them.


I love chickens. I did not always know this. I discovered this in my forty-ninth year when I started keeping them. Going out to the chicken coop in the mornings and evenings brings me such joy. I eagerly await the greeting I receive and laugh with all the clucking and chatter coming from the girls (that is what I call my hens). I talk to them asking how their day went and thank them for the beautiful eggs they laid. Eggs are such a miracle to me. They inspire awe and appreciation of God’s perfection every time I collect them.

I really enjoy bringing them special treats. I had been wanting to find something I could grow in my garden that would be readily available and add some interesting variety to their diet. It was getting toward the end of summer though, but still, the idea of growing them something remained loosely in my thoughts. Maybe next year. But then some wonderful things happened. I was having a conversation with a friend who happens to be a master gardener. She was telling me about a plant and had a piece in her hand to show me what it looked like. It had a pretty pink flower. I recognized it as one that grew prolifically around my yard and garden. She did not mention anything specific about it other than the name, Smartweed. I joked saying I thought the name was appropriate. It must be a smart plant because it knew how to grow everywhere. It was probably considered a weed but I thought it was pretty.

The following week my new pet sitter and her boyfriend came by to meet my pets. They would be caring for them when I was away. I noticed him pick some of the Smartweed plant and feed it to the chickens. He said he grew up with chickens. He told me they loved this plant and that it would provide them some natural vitamins and minerals. This abundantly growing plant turned out to also be a healthy treat for chickens. How amazing is that? I knew it was the Hand of God at work. Twice in the last week this plant had been brought to my attention. God had read my heart and knew what I wanted to do for my feathered friends. I was planning to do some research to find a plant to grow but He had already provided for them. He used these two encounters to respond that an answer to my prayer was already growing all around me!

Now for the rest of the story. When I saw my gardener friend a few days later I told her how the plant she showed me was a great treat for my chickens and how perfect it was because I had been wanting to grow them something. I thanked her for introducing the plant to me because I was able to recognize it when I saw it the second time. She had a quizzical look on her face and said, “I did not tell you about that plant.” She had no recollection of our conversation. In fact, she had never even heard of Smartweed. We laughed and were a bit mystified, but knowing how Spirit works and communicates with us, we concluded our interaction must have taken place in a dream arranged by the Prophet. We looked it up online afterwards and sure enough that is the name of the plant. It also has medicinal uses. The Prophet, first through my friend in a night dream and then through my pet sitter’s friend, blessed me and the girls with a beautiful gift of love.

God’s Love is personal. He cares about every aspect of our life and provides for all creation in infinite ways great and small. Through His Prophet bountiful blessings and Divine Love are passed on to us every day and moment. Many times however, these go unnoticed or are taken for granted much like a common plant growing in our yard. We may not realize that the answer to a prayer is right in front of us. If your heart is open and you will allow him, the Prophet can bring clarity and give you the eyes to see a whole new view of life. Then wherever you look you will see God’s Love all around in Divine gifts already given and in those being offered.

Written by Lorraine Fortier

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