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As a gift of love God can send someone into our life to remind us of what we hold most dear. This opportunity to more deeply appreciate the things in life we value is such a blessing. Especially when it is one of the most sacred things – the HU Song.

You can learn more about the HU song HERE.


Did you ever have an interesting and out of the ordinary interaction with a stranger that left you asking yourself, “What was that all about?” and has actually stayed with you many years afterward?

One day in the year 2000 I had just that happen. I was in a grocery store that I had shopped many times and after shopping the produce department, I was standing in the center of the aisle near the meat section when I felt someone looking at me. I looked up and beyond and noticed an elderly woman with white straight hair and blue eyes pushing a shopping cart. She was heavy set and dressed in what appeared to be a house dress. It was very clear that she was coming toward me and it also seemed that the physical store and all the contents on the shelves along with the shelves themselves faded in the background, highlighting even more her approach.

When she arrived we stood facing one another and then she asked if I had any money. I pulled out my wallet and looked inside and saw that I had very little in my wallet that day, but I remembered that I did have something. I had a HU card, the most precious gift once given to me. HU is a prayer and a love song and when sung purely to God it helps to tune us into the stream of God’s unconditional Love. So I instinctively reached in and handed the card to her. I explained what was written on the card, what HU meant, and how precious HU is and has been for me personally in my life.

She received it and before I realized what was happening, she bent slightly over taking my hand into her own, and kissed the top of my hand as she was thanking me. She said that HU is worth a lot more than coins. I certainly was taken aback yet I realized that she as Soul, truly recognized and connected to the true, pure, and precious gift. When this amazing interaction was complete, the white lit room reshaped itself into its original form, as I viewed her walking away. Interestingly enough, I did not see her again throughout the store. I looked for her but she was gone.

And so, I was blessed that day because God sent one of His helpers to remind me what was truly important; my own connection with HU and the value I placed on it. Since that day, HU has become even more valuable to me, and I still today think of that lovely woman who helped open my eyes to better appreciate what was already true in my heart.

Written by Moira C. Cervone