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God can communicate with each and every one of His children. This communication comes in many ways and sometimes is so subtle we could easily disregard it. Learning to recognize, trust, and act on this guidance can save not only our lives, but the lives of those around us.

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Occasionally I have to travel for work. One Saturday in December I had an out of state job in Maryland, about a three and a half hour drive from my home. The weather report indicated that there was a seventy percent chance of snow in the morning. I set my alarm for 5:45 am. Something woke me up several minutes before the alarm went off so I got ready and headed out a little earlier than expected. A beautiful light snow was falling as I drove out of my neighborhood and into the mountains.

I enjoy singing the HU throughout my day and have been doing so for years. I put a HU CD on in my car to listen to as I left my house. The HU is a beautiful love song to God. It helps me relax, be in the moment, fills me with peace, love and joy, and helps me walk through my day more gracefully. Today it also brought me protection. While HUing that morning, I was very aware of my spiritual teacher’s presence with me on the inner. I have grown to realize that this relationship is the key to everything good in my life.

Snow was starting to stick to the mountain roads and they were becoming a little slippery, I prayed to God for a safe drive. Shortly after I crossed the mountain the temperature rose above freezing causing the snow to change to rain. And though it rained the entire time, I drove for the next two hours up to the DC area without incident. The speed of the traffic around the DC beltway was about fifty-five to sixty miles an hour.

Everything was going smoothly when, “out of the blue” I got a brief thought or image of a car on the highway spinning out of control. Though it seemed to be a random or unusual thought, from years of experience I trusted and knew that I should pay attention. I took my foot off the gas and stepped on the brake to slow down. The people behind me slowed down too.

Shortly after I decreased my speed a lady in a green Jeep Cherokee, two vehicles ahead of mine, lost control of her car. She swerved across three lanes of traffic and smashed into the concrete highway divider. Then her car bounced and spun out of control back across the highway. The man to the left of me locked up his brakes and fishtailed toward her. He just missed hitting her by inches. Eventually her car stopped sideways in the middle of the road. Had I not slowed down I would have hit her broadside. We were on a curve in the road and many cars behind us were still approaching. Some of the drivers had probably seen the brake lights or what had just happened and slowed down, though there were others coming around the bend who were caught off guard. I had a strong feeling to keep moving because this was not a safe place to be. I drove past the lady in the car and saw that her airbag had deployed. She looked like she was shaken but seemed okay. I pulled over ahead of the accident and out of danger and called 911.

Through this experience I know that God’s Love and Grace had once again blessed my life. The Hand of God and the protection of the HU saved me from a major car accident. I was given a subtle warning. If I had not trusted that inner guidance and immediately followed that nudge to slow down, I could have crashed into her vehicle. If I had not been woken up a few minutes earlier than my alarm was set for, I could have been in this accident or have been stuck behind it for hours and would not have made it to my job on time. Perhaps the biggest gift of all was, because God had put me in that particular spot on that particular day, several of the cars behind me may have also avoided being in a very serious accident themselves.

Written by Jason Levinson