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The truly strong are those that know how to surrender. Not in the worldly sense of quitting or giving up, but of turning their spiritual growth over to Spirit and trusting not only the outcome, but the path taken to get there. Putting ourselves into “His Hands” contributes to a life of abundance because He knows us even better than we know ourselves.

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It was July 5th, 2002. The heat of the day was waning into a beautiful summer evening as the cool mountain air refreshed us with its breeze. We were gathered as a group in the field by the cabins where we sat in a circle. The Prophet sat in the twelve o’clock position. It was the beginning of our annual, week-long summer retreat. We were there to invite the Divine into our hearts and to give permission for It to teach us in whatever ways would be best for our spiritual growth. We sang several holy names, each one bringing a different experience or feeling: vastness, a feeling of spiritually opening up near the top of my head, and a sense of movement and flow. Then we sang the Prophet’s name. This brought a different more personal feeling, one of love and affection, the sweetness of a relationship that has been growing naturally over the years.

Prophet gave us an opportunity to say a personal prayer during which, if we wanted, we could surrender the coming week to Divine Spirit to whatever degree we were comfortable. God knows what is in our best interests for spiritual growth, but He will not violate our free will. It is important to consciously choose to open our hearts and be willing to receive these blessings. I wanted to make the most of this week so I surrendered as fully and completely as I could. In doing so I was saying, “Lord I trust you to bring exactly what I need during this retreat and in whatever manner and style you choose. I know you know what is best for me.”

We began to sing HU, a love song to God. The sound from the group was so beautiful. HU resonated in my ears and vibrated through me. I felt an energy coming down from above, then I saw it. It was a white hot and intense light. I felt love emanating from It. We began to sing a bit more softly. There was a swirling motion inside the beam of light. I noticed flecks of this white light coming off as it swirled around. As these pieces of light came off, they turned golden, piece by piece, each one containing enough Divine Love to move a mountain, heal a broken heart, and bring joy or whatever is needed. Just then the wind picked up. I was grateful for the coolness it brought. I saw the golden flecks of light being carried away. Tailor-made gifts of God’s Love each destined for a specific Soul, exactly what they need, just when they needed it.

For me, I was basking in love. The beam of light the Prophet brought into our circle was pulsating with life and love, blessing us all. The days ahead were to be savored. Having the opportunity to be taught directly from the Prophet of our time is a rare gift. These would be some of the most precious and spiritually fruitful days of my life, as every retreat on the mountain has come to be, because I surrender.

What I have come to know about surrender through my personal experiences during these retreats is very different than what the world thinks of it. Surrender is not an act of giving up. It is giving over, giving over guidance and direction of my spiritual affairs to the Divine. Surrender is not the mark of a loser, but one who may, through the Prophet, gain a life of abundance and bring the glories of Heaven to Earth. Surrender is not a sign of weakness, but one of wisdom, courage, and strength. It is through surrender that Soul wins. It is through surrender you become a refined instrument of God and can be a vehicle for Spirit to bless others. It is through surrender that you are freed. It is a gift to be treasured, a jewel with many facets, each beautiful in the way it reflects the light of Divine Love with which it was given to us. Done willingly and joyfully, it leads one deeper and brings greater appreciation for the sacred privilege that is the true gift of surrender. Under the Prophet’s loving guidance I have been shown these things and I wish to share these blessings with you.

Written by Lorraine Fortier