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The truth can truly set us free. But first, we must be fortunate enough to be in the presence of someone adept at delivering the truth – no matter what that truth might be. Secondly, we must be able to accept the truth – even it if takes time. There is no way to move beyond the things that are holding us back and grow spiritually if we can not accept truth.


The idea of being a blessing to others captivated my heart during a winter retreat at the Nature Awareness School in 2004. At the time I was often tense and uptight and took myself a little too seriously. I suffered from a deep insecurity that often manifested as thinking a little too highly of myself. In covering up the low opinion that was underneath, I often pushed away the very love I craved, certain deep down that I was unworthy.

That weekend I was given a life changing gift from the Prophet. A healing from God delivered by the Prophet is incredibly personal. It is delivered precisely and perfectly in the way that fits us best in that moment. Whether it is delivered gently or sharply does not diminish the love that accompanies it. That weekend, Del spoke to me very directly. He did not sugar coat it, nor soften it. He said what must have been obvious to everyone but me – that when it came to love, I was in my own way.

To the human consciousness correction can often be scary – something to avoid at the very least. But a precious gift of a living Prophet is a teacher who can correct mistaken concepts about love, encourage adjustments in our attitudes, and point out passions of the mind that limit not only our freedom, but also our ability to give and receive love – one of Soul’s main joys in life! The cliche about truth setting us free is very real! A correction of even a small fraction can pay huge dividends down the road of life and can be not only life altering but, occasionally, life saving.

That weekend I did not hear the blessing and love that came with those words. Yet the Prophet had seen a small opening and adeptly planted a seed. Despite my inability to hear it at that time, the message was still delivered. A short time after I got home from the class, a remarkable thing occurred. That little seed began to grow and a wonderful insight blossomed. What had seemed muddled now became clear. I saw the love behind the correction. It was not done to make me feel or look bad, it was done to help free me. It was exactly the answer I needed, but I had not recognized the form it took. I falsely believed love was always supposed to come in a soft and gentle manner. Yet here I was, after a few words that were direct and to the point, happier and freer for it.

I now saw love from a new perspective. Love is like breathing. It flows in and, like a breath of air, it must flow out again. In looking back with a little bit clearer perspective at how I was “breathing,” it seemed to me I was making myself hyperventilate! Wasn’t breathing, like giving and receiving love, often best when it is natural and relaxed – when I was not focusing on the fact I was doing it?

Del has often said that he craves the truth no matter what. The first time I heard that I was shocked. “But what if it makes you look bad?” I thought to myself. It took me years to see the wisdom in his words. It has inspired me to consciously seek and embrace truth whenever it graces my life. The experience at this class was a big step toward accepting more truth – not from the skeptical, vain perspective of the mind, but from the mature viewpoint of Soul. Over time, with the Prophet’s help, guidance, and continued correction, the healing and insight from this experience transformed my initial reluctance into an innate appreciation and desire for God’s truth.

Written by Chris Comfort

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