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People through the ages have wrestled with the same questions, “Does God hear me and if so, what does His reply sound like?” The answer to the first question is yes, God hears you. Learning to recognize His reply is an art-form, one that is very doable and one my father has been helping people gain fluency in for twenty-five years. Your ability to recognize the “Language of the Divine” – to see all the ways in which God communicates with you daily is one of the greatest attributes you can develop as Soul.


When do I get to talk to God?

When I was a child, I had a question in my heart that I never asked anyone. I wondered, “When do I get to talk to God?” I could not think of someone to ask this question. Who would know? Not my parents, friends, or even a priest. When I watched movies about the afterlife, I paid attention to see if they had any ideas about the matter, but I never saw anything that satisfied me.

I did not have something I wanted to say; I wanted to listen to God. What would He tell me, in that hoped for meeting? Would He explain the why of everything, or was there something more, something deeper that He would express? Though my mind wondered if only important people would be blessed with such a meeting, my heart always asked when, never if.

Still seeking an answer, I began taking classes at the Nature Awareness School in 1996. As soon as I arrived on the property, I felt like I had come home. When Del spoke about Spirit, I heard truth. I knew I had come to the right place.

What I did not realize until much later is that my question was already being answered. In that class, I sang HU for the first time. Singing HU, expressing Soul’s love to God, is communication. God hears every HU, every prayer, and answers in some way. When a beloved child says, “I love you,” a loving Father does not sit silent. He answers, “I love you, too” in countless ways. Learning to recognize and accept the love that returns time and again is one of the many joys of this path.

In time, I began paying attention to my dreams and, most importantly, developing an inner relationship with the Prophet. Through the relationship, I can be in constant communication with God. The love I feel, a nudge to try something a little differently, a helpful dream, and awareness of how I can make my life even better are all from God through the Prophet. His presence blesses me every day. Rather than one hoped for meeting I found I could communicate with God daily, even every moment, as long as I remain aware of the Prophet.

My mind had it wrong years ago. Every Child of God is important and precious to God. He reaches out to us constantly, communicating in every possible way, and maybe a few more, too. The question is not are you important enough for God to talk to; the questions is, are you listening?

Written by Jean Enzbrenner

Every Soul is equipped with the ability to communicate with the Divine. Learn how to awaken and nurture this attribute HERE.