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This is a great example of following the guidance of Spirit – of being able to recognize those gentle whisperings and having the trust to follow them. It is also a reminder there is nothing to “small” in which Spirit can help us with.

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It was the evening before the birthday party of my girlfriend’s three year old son. I was arriving back in town after a long road trip, and was on a mission to get this little guy a present. Ideally I wanted to find a Toys R Us, but I wasn’t even sure if there was one in my town. My car doesn’t have GPS, so as I got into the outskirts of town, I began to think of some other stores I did know of, and headed toward that area.

As I proceeded, I found myself going a different way than I might normally go to those stores, and then before I was even halfway there, I felt a strong nudge to exit near a familiar shopping mall. But once I exited, I felt another nudge to turn away from the shopping mall, heading in the opposite direction on a road I am pretty sure I had never driven. After about another half mile I rounded a bend and there was a Toy’s R Us, that I didn’t even know existed, in an area where I had never been.

I knew the Hand of God had guided me to this place, and specifically the Prophet, who I am blessed to have as my spiritual guide. This was beyond any coincidence, and I have grown familiar with the relaxed, gentle inner nudges that Divine Spirit gives me throughout the day. I had already felt relaxed and “tuned in” all afternoon, and had enjoyed a particularly satisfying HU song that morning before I left on my trip. Singing HU every day, and throughout the day, helps me to stay in alignment with Spirit and “hear” God’s Voice, which comes in so many different forms, in this case my own built-in GPS that guided me straight to where I needed to be.

My heart was already open to God’s Love as I entered the store; such was my gratitude for the guidance I had just received. I browsed around for a while and eventually decided on a basketball hoop for toddlers that can be attached to a door or wall and used for indoor play. It was either between that or a freestanding one, of which there was only one left. This one had a few more bells and whistles and was more for outdoor use – but I felt good about the choice I had made and paid for it and left the store.

However, as I reached the parking lot I began to second-guess my decision, thinking about the freestanding hoop and how that might be better. My mind began weighing out the pros and cons until next thing you know I was headed back into the store to possibly exchange it. I went to the customer service desk, still undecided about which toy to get, but leaning toward an exchange.

As I reached the desk and began to speak to the employee about what I was thinking, a man and his wife approached and asked the same woman if a certain toy was in stock. The toy was a request from their son, who had just sent them the specific brand and model number on their smart phone. To my amazement, it was the exact same freestanding basketball hoop that I had just come back in to possibly purchase. Of all the toys in Toys R Us, this was the one they were seeking! The couple was pleasantly surprised when I was able to tell them that their item was indeed in stock, and in fact the only one left. I was even able to escort them to the section where it was, and sure enough it was exactly what they were looking for. They thanked me and left with their purchase.

To me this was an obvious confirmation that my original instincts had been right. My mind had started to talk me out of what my heart already knew, but Divine Spirit intervened and gave me an “awake dream,” an out of the ordinary experience that got my attention, through the couple who were looking for the same toy. Not only did this help me with my choice, the other family got served as well. They were able to find the right toy for their son, even receiving personal customer service in the process. It was clearly a win/win situation!

As if that wasn’t enough, and as the saying goes, “now for the rest of the story,” later on I was telling my girlfriend about my Toys R Us adventure, and she told me that unknown to me, she and her son already had an outdoor freestanding basketball hoop. In fact they had just taken it out of the garage the other day after a long winter and played in the early spring sunshine. She did not however, have one for indoors and said it would be perfect for inclement weather when he needed an outlet and couldn’t play outside. So the indoor wall-unit was indeed the perfect gift! I did not know this at the time, but the one who guides me knows everything.

Some people speak of the grand miracles that they may need, to offer them proof of God’s existence. But to me the miracles are in the myriad every day details of our lives that Spirit weaves itself into. To me that “weave” IS the miracle. God’s Love was woven into every step I took that day, as it is every day. We are all inextricably linked and connected to that love if we only open our eyes to see it. God loves us each personally, cares about what is important to us, and wants to bless us, from our greatest undertakings to the simplicity of finding a child’s toy.

Written by Laurence Elder