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We are not alone. God loves us and always has a living Prophet here on Earth to help, teach, protect, and comfort us. Ultimately – to lead us home to God. This Divine Guide can appear to you as a blue light in your inner vision or in the physical itself. Either way, it is joyous proof of being loved and not alone.


When I first moved away from home it was a very stressful time. I was in a totally new area and everything was unfamiliar. The stresses of moving, plus my first college classes, were taking a toll. I was having a hard time finding a new balance so I prayed for help.

One night I was sitting in my dorm room working on homework. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a brilliant flash of blue light. It was accompanied by a profound sense of peace. From the spiritual teachings I had received at the Nature Awareness School, I knew that this was no ordinary light, it was the Light of God; referred to in so many spiritual scriptures. The Light of God is one of the special ways, which God communicates to us. The blue light in particular indicated the presence of a high level spiritual guide. His presence also brought the profound sense of peace, the peace that I had been so hungry for and had prayed for.

Twenty-four hours later, I stepped foot on the property of the Nature Awareness School for another weekend retreat. I know the Prophet used the blue light to prepare me to get the most out of the weekend. This retreat was the beginning of a whole new leg of not only my spiritual journey, but my life! It brought joy and balance back into my life. Now I know that a spiritual guide is always with me, an ever-present source of comfort, guidance, protection, and inspiration.

Written by David Hughes

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