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God knows the prayers of our heart better than we do. Often it is only after God answers a prayer that we become more conscious of having it in the first place. To know we are loved and that we are heard is cause for great joy.


Recently I was at work and really missing my family. Even though they live thirty minutes away, we do not get to spend as much time together as I would like. On this particular day, I was really missing them. I never consciously made a prayer to God on the matter, but it was something that I was thinking about, and I felt it deeply in my heart.

Just a few hours later, I had a break between assignments at work. I felt a nudge from the Divine to go spend some time at a local department store. Low and behold my mom had just gotten off work and was shopping there as well! The timing of this was unbelievable, and there is no way it just happened by chance. I got to spend twenty minutes chatting and catching up with her before I had to get back work. This time with her was a huge blessing.

I am so grateful that God read what was in my heart and set up an opportunity to see my mom, time that I deeply treasure. The time with her was was exactly what I needed that day! I was incredibly happy to get to spend the time with my mom, but just as excited that God really did hear what was in my heart, and so quickly set up something that He knew would really bless me and make my day! God really does love us, and wants us to be happy!

Written by Sam Kempf