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God’s Light and Love is everywhere. The farther we travel on the path, the greater amount of this love the Prophet can share with us and help us to accept. Sometimes the daily challenges of life cause us to lose sight of this miracle. It is however the remembrance and appreciation of God’s Love in our life that blesses us, and those we come in contact with.


During one of the classes at the Nature Awareness School Del led us on a guided experience into the inner worlds. The Prophet, my inner teacher and spiritual guide, appeared on the screen of my inner vision. He opened his heart and shared his love. I could feel this love, God’s Love, pouring into me. He asked us to stretch and take in more love. I felt myself growing from the inside out with more love than I can ever remember feeling. We were asked to stretch again and take in more love. I continued to stretch and grow with love. The Prophet expressed how much love he wanted to share with us and I could feel this as he shared. I saw myself stretching and stretching with all that Divine Love. I was filled with so much love to the point of bursting.

We were asked to travel via the inner worlds to our homes. We were to recognize all around our homes reminders of this moment and of God’s Love. The Prophet and I traveled to my home and as I started looking, I could see this love. God’s Love was everywhere in my home. I moved around and touched the places that meant the most to me. I saw that it was God’s Love that brought these things into my life.

As I touched and recognized these gifts, golden light appeared and remained, a reminder of these incredible blessings. Going all around my home, both inside and out, I saw God’s wonderful Love in everything I held dear. Golden light reminders appeared in my home, in my studio, in the barn, and in the yard. I was reminded that every time I would use, touch, see, or think about these things I would see God’s golden Light and experience God’s Love. I pictured myself driving to work and interacting at the office, and experiencing this love all along the way. As that experience concluded, I looked forward to seeing all those reminders on the property when I returned home.

After the class ended, I drove home and upon turning down the gravel road, huge ruts and washouts crisscrossed the driveway from rainstorms that occurred while I was away. These needed immediate attention and I felt some stress building. I was scheduled to travel very early the next morning and still had to prepare and pack. I now had several hours of hard labor ahead of me to repair the driveway. Gathering up the pick, rakes, and shovels I felt a bit grumpy as I started filling in the ruts. Suddenly like a bolt out of the blue, I was reminded of all the love God has blessed me with. I could see those reminders of golden light all around, even on the driveway where I was working. I started laughing at myself for being so short sighted. I expressed my love and gratitude by singing HU, thanking God for the wonderful gifts of Divine Love that had been given just days before. What a gift to see and experience this once again! What a blessing to see those reminders, and to experience that love as I now repaired the driveway with joy in my heart.

Written by Paul Nelson

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