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Many have experienced some form of Divine Intervention. A moment where God says, “not yet” and steps in to help us out of a jam. It might be easy for others to try and talk you out of it, but for those that have experienced it – you know what you know.

“Testimonies of God’s Love” has many incredible stories of people recognizing the Hand of God in their life.


When I was in college, friends and I went swimming in the Yuba River in California. We were diving off a train trestle and swimming to a sandbar about half way across the river. I was already tired when I dove in too deep. By the time I came up, the current had carried me much farther than I wanted. If I missed the sandbar, the far side was a long way off and the near side was too steep to climb out.

I swam with all I had. I realized I was not going to make it, I was exhausted.

As the current swept me past the sandbar, I saw a hand reach out for me. I grabbed it and was pulled to shore. I could barely crawl out of the water. Not long after, I looked up and saw a small willow bush, with a branch trailing in the water where I had seen the hand. I knew that God had saved my life.

Written by Gary Caudle