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The Prophet can allow us to spiritually revisit and relive experiences from our past to gain a higher understanding. These sacred opportunities can be very healing. In the following example it helps the author realize one of the most important truths. She has always and will always be loved by God.


While at a retreat at the Nature Awareness School I had some time to be alone and to contemplate. I was lying on my stomach in the grass looking down at the grass, like I used to do as a child. My thoughts drifted back to my earliest memory of when I was a baby in my crib. It was in the morning and I was sitting up playing happily. I have remembered this early memory for over fifty years. However this time it was very different. I relived the experience and I was intensely aware of God’s Love all around me. It was very palatable. I felt loved, peace, and comfort. I was surrounded by love. My eyes were opened to what has been around me all of my life. God’s Love has always been with me and always will be.

After that experience I have been seeing God’s Love around me wherever I go. At home, at work, in town, and out in nature. I really truly know without a doubt that we are loved.

Later at that same retreat I remembered another childhood experience where I was older. In the memory I was lying in my bed at night during a thunderstorm. As a child I had always been afraid in the dark. That night, during a lightning flash, I saw a man standing in my room. Of course I was terrified. I screamed and my parents came in and turned on the light. Since then I came to recognize the man as the one who was the Prophet of God during that time. God always sends a Prophet to guide us and teach us and lead us back home to Him, not just two thousand years ago. I did not know that then, and fear kept me from knowing the beauty of the experience. During the next retreat, during a long HU, I had the opportunity to relive that experience I had as a child. This time I saw it while God’s Prophet of today was beside me and we watched the scene together. Love exuded from the man in my room, and all around me was filled with love, just like my experience in my crib. God’s Love and peace was all around me, but back then, I was too fearful to see it.

I am so grateful to now have the eyes to see the love that has always been with me. God has filled my heart with love and pushed out fear, vanity, anger, and other things that get in the way of knowing His Love.

Thank you Lord, for your love. Always.

Written by Diane Kempf

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