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I wonder how many people have witnessed the awesome Light or Sound of God, but have no reference for what they experienced? To accept and be grateful for the experience, one must first recognize its value. Having a living spiritual teacher who knows the “Language of the Divine” can truly help.

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During graduate school I believe that I was led by God to live with Dorothy, an elderly lady on a farm in Delaware. On June 12, 1993 while reading a book about time being an illusion, all of a sudden my ears were full of the sound of the ocean. I shook my head to try to dislodge what I thought was water from swimming in the ocean the day before. But the loud sound of ocean waves continued for what seemed like a very long time. When the sound stopped I heard Chipper the dog barking.

I went to the back door to see what was going on with Dorothy’s dog. As I peeked into her sitting room I saw Dorothy lying on the couch. I somehow knew I would need to perform CPR on her so I turned her from her side onto her back. When I turned her, her right eye opened and all this incredible light came pouring out of her eye. It was so beautiful. I also knew that I was witnessing something profound, and that what surrounded us was beyond this earthly world. I remember looking up toward the ceiling knowing that Dorothy, as Soul, was leaving. As this was happening the dog continued to bark. I believe the dog also knew that Dorothy was leaving us in the physical.

This experience stayed with me. It was not until two years later when I began attending classes at the Nature Awareness School that I learned what I had experienced and witnessed was the Light and Sound of God! There I’ve been blessed to experience the Light of God again and in many ways. During the second weeklong retreat I attended, I was sitting quietly in the woods and saw a bright white flash of light. It was as if someone had a huge camera flash bulb and took a photograph, but I knew otherwise. I also experienced, while lying down in my dark tent, points of light appearing as if the stars in the sky were on the ceiling above me. I have experienced the blue Light of God in my spiritual eye, which represents to me the presence of my spiritual guide.

Divine Spirit gently allowed me to see these gifts of the Light of God, all the while caressing, comforting, and strengthening me to accept more of God’s Love. The blue Light of God began to appear in my spiritual eye when my physical eyes were closed. This happened most when I sang HU. Sometimes God would make His Presence known to me and I could feel His Love and peace.

Now I attend retreats at the Nature Awareness School several times a year. During a recent class Del, the Prophet, led the group in a HU sing. As I sat with my eyes closed singing this love song to God, I heard the sound of rushing wind and then I heard rainfall. Outside it was physically calm with a clear and dry sky. Spiritually I saw all of us standing together and being showered upon with huge raindrops of light. This real spiritual experience was a profound gift and beyond beautiful! I was privileged to witness these Souls being graced with God’s abundant Love. Everyone in the group received the Divine gift with an openness of faith, love, trust, and humility.

Written by Moira Cervone