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If someone has the “eyes to see,” they will recognize when Spirit is trying to get a message through to them. This guidance can come in unlimited ways from unlimited sources throughout your day. It might be very dramatic but it most cases it is very subtle. Learning to become aware of these communications is an art-form.

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Early one morning at work I was in the staff lunch room putting my lunch in the refrigerator. My sight was drawn to a yellow light glowing in the parking lot. It was illuminated unusually bright. First I wondered if someone left their car parking lights on, but saw that the rest of the lights on the car were off, so that wasn’t the case. Second I noticed the sun was rising from the east over the hill and perhaps was at a perfect angle to illuminate this one light. Third I took the scene in a bit more and noticed that the car belonged to a friend who works with me. These three things caught my attention and caused me to wonder if there was a message in there for me. A nudge had me check in with my friend whose parked car was glowing with light.

In the course of the morning I had a chance to stop by her office and say hello and ask how her weekend was. As she turned to greet me it was evident from her troubled facial expression that something was concerning her. She welcomed me in and within a few moments asked if she could speak with me confidentially.

She shared about three concerns and worries she had experienced over the weekend with three different family members. She had listened to each of the individual family issues to the best of her ability, but felt badly for each one and the tough times they have to go through. She could not let their fear, worry, and anger go that was discussed over the weekend. As she shared she saw more clearly that the emotions she was wearing were not hers to wear. She realized that there was only so much she could do for her family and the rest was their responsibility to work through, not hers. She was gaining insight into being supportive, and then knowing when to step back and surrender the outcome. Her willingness to share helped relieve her worries. She said she felt better, now able to face the busy day ahead at work. You could clearly see the stress that was so evident minutes before had lifted. Her facial expression now relaxed. She looked like herself again.

Reflecting on this experience I learned Divine Spirit is always talking to me. It catches my attention in any way it can to help me be receptive to Its message. The Light of God illuminated a parking light on a friend’s car at a very precise time that morning so I would see It! The Light of God shed Its understanding on a friends heart, bringing peace to her so she could move forward with her responsibilities at work. Following my nudges and paying attention to follow the guidance of Divine Spirit that morning helped to strengthen my inner communication with the Voice of God.

Written by Ann Atwell