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It is hard for some to accept that we are each known and loved personally by God. The Divine constantly showers us with this love in very specific ways. God’s Love comes in ways that are special to us – in forms we can recognize and accept. Once you learn the “Language of the Divine” you will see and feel this love everywhere.


As a kid, walking to and sitting on this old familiar bench that overlooked the Hudson River was a place where I found peace. I visited this bench many times over the course of my life right up into my twenties.

In November, I attended a spiritual class at the Nature Awareness School. Shortly after our group HU sing I sat on a bench that overlooked the pond. As I sat peace filled my heart, and then I had a memory of seeing the sun’s reflection in that same pond five years earlier. It was the sun I saw, but it was more than the sun; it was an overwhelming reflection of God’s Light and Love.

As I continued to sit and remember and re-experience, I noticed a single white oak leaf floating on the pond. It was brilliantly red and completely surrounded by the color blue. Then the red turned to orange and then to gold, and it was a gold that I have never seen here on Earth before. It was the most beautiful leaf that I have ever seen; a symbol to me of God’s Presence and Love. This sight gave me more peace and such joy, and my heart was singing. It was a gift just for me and I instinctively knew it. God has used leaves before as a way to get my attention, and again He was letting me know I am not alone, and that I am loved.

Written by Moira Cervone

God’s Love is real. Many have been blessed to experience it during our RETREATS in a multitude of ways.