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If you could talk to the whole world for five minutes what would you say? The “pearl” of your answer is knowing what is in your heart. Whether you get the chance or not to share it with the entire world, a single member of your family, a friend or co-worker, your life will be that much richer for knowing the answer.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what is “in your heart” versus what is simply coming from your mind. Our retreats and books will help you learn to know the difference.


I was once asked by my father, and spiritual teacher, an amazing question. If I could talk to the whole world for five minutes what would I say? Wow, what a question. Honestly, my first thought was that most people might not listen for five minutes so I better be succinct. The question, and imaginary opportunity, really stuck with me. In essence, the question really boils down to – what are the key truths that I have been blessed with on my spiritual journey that could possibly bless other souls. So here goes…

Please listen with your heart. Quiet your mind. Your “heart”, deep inside, already knows these truths, because God put them their when you were created from His Love. You are a child of God. You are loved beyond your wildest imagination. God wants to draw nigh (Close to you). Open yourself. Listen to the small still voice in your heart. You are Soul – an eternal spark of God. You were created with everything you will ever need. You will never be more divine than you are at this very moment – but you can be more aware of your Divinity. You can manifest your Divinity more in your daily life. How? Sing HU – a love song to God. Accept the hand being offered to you by God, specifically the Prophet’s hand. God loves you so much he sent a guide to walk you home. If your favorite Guide returns to the physical, then follow him. Until that time, God sent another to teach and comfort his children. If God trusts his Prophets then so can you. Your true home is in the heart of God. Your spiritual inheritance of wisdom, peace, clarity, joy, comfort, love, and so much more awaits you, while still living in the flesh. Allow God and his raised up Prophet to show you a view of life that you never consciously knew existed. Build a relationship with your guide on the inner and outer. Listen to the Divine guidance offered freely in dreams, awake dreams, inner communication, and nudges. Break free of the illusion that God no longer is active – that He did all his work, and then retired, long ago. Soar and experience the boundlessness and the everlasting love of God directly, while living a more abundant life here and NOW.

Do not think it is possible? I promise you it is. God has blessed me beyond what I could have ever imagined. I prayed to be led Home. I prayed to be shown truth. I prayed to experience Divine Love. I have taken the hands offered to me and walked through the threshold of the open door. Thank you for listening. Take a chance to walk in God’s Love, it will make this current life so full and special.

Written by Catherine Hughes

Your next chance to experience HU, a love song to God, is just around the corner. A full description of the August 2nd event can be found HERE.