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The Light and Sound of God are the twin aspects of the Voice of, or the Word of God. Also known as the Holy Ghost, Divine Spirit, and countless other names. Most of the world is familiar with the idea of spiritual light. Spiritual sound is less well known. It is however just as important, if not more to the journey of Soul. The Light of God illuminates the path, but ultimately it is the sound we follow home to God.


Twenty years ago during my first class at the school, Del talked about how some students were starting to hear the spiritual sound of flute music. That one could actually hear spiritual sound, a sound beyond what one could hear with one’s physical ears, was amazing to me and beyond my frame of reference at the time. I had never heard or read anything about spiritual sound. I was blessed with an experience with the Light of God that same week, but the other aspect of the voice of the Divine, the Sound of God, remained a mystery amid a sea of uncharted waters for me.

A year later, right after a spiritual retreat at the school, one that opened my heart to accepting more Divine Love, including the truth that we are all eternal Souls, I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of the most beautiful flute music coming out of the Heavens. This beautiful Divine Sound spoke right to me, as Soul, and filled me with a joy and inner peace of a sort that I had never known before in this lifetime. It was truly God speaking to me, letting me know that I am loved.

Two years later when my heart was heavy from a relationship that had come to an end, and I was alone in nature trying to find some peace, I heard the flute music again. This time it went on for several days. I would not hear it every moment, but whenever I made the effort to listen, there it was, the most beautiful music of God, giving me peace in my heart and filling me with an unspeakable joy. I felt such gratitude for the classes at the Nature Awareness School that had opened me up spiritually so that I could hear the sound. I was far away from all family and friends but I was not alone, as I experienced the loving presence of the Voice of God through the beautiful sound. This presence has been with me from the beginning; only now I had the “ears” with which to hear it speak to me. The Nature Awareness School has been the most profound of blessings in my life, for the teachings within its classes are eternal ones that have provided me with the skills needed to tune into Divine Spirit and hear God’s Voice.

Written by Roland Vonder Muhll