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What a joy when God brings two Souls together, in true love, to journey through life together. To experience the joys and sadness of life in the physical, all the while each hopefully growing in their capacity to love. Their capacity to love each other and even more importantly, God. When two Souls come into a marriage, each partner putting their relationship with God first, it will be most blessed and a sacred union.

Each and everyone of us have the opportunity to grow in our relationship with God – no matter how good it already is. There is always more! Inspire yourself for spiritual growth by reading theses incredible testimonies.


Our oldest daughter was to be wed at the end of May. She asked me if I could pick our peony flowers for the dinner tables since they are her favorite flower. I said I didn’t know – they bloom in May but it would depend on the weather that winter and in spring as to when they’d peak and when they’d be finished. If it was a very cold winter the only flowers would be the late peonies and they typically don’t last as long as cut flowers. I really wanted to help with these flowers but there was only so much I could do.

I communicated with the Prophet inwardly about this over a period of several weeks. One day out of the blue I had a nudge to look up something on the internet on how to make peonies last for a wedding. What I found was incredulous to me. The peony flowers could be cut when they are buds at just one to one and a half inches in diameter, ends wrapped in some plastic wrap with a rubber band around it, then wrapped dry in newspaper and taped shut. Put in a refrigerator, they could last for two to three weeks! Then they can be placed in water and in a matter of hours open up. I thanked my Divine guide for allowing me to find this. I never would have thought anything like this was possible and would not have looked this up had I not received a nudge from the Prophet.

I began to cut the buds early in May. I wasn’t sure if the buds were too small, too big, too closed, or too open. I went out twice, sometimes three times a day for two weeks, with my spiritual guide and we looked at the buds, deciding when to cut the flower stalks. It was a joy to do this with the Prophet and do it with love. A few days before the wedding we put the dormant dry flower stalks in water. They all opened, every one of them, bigger and fresher than if they had been cut as opened flowers or nearly opened flowers. I thanked the Prophet for these beautiful flowers for my daughter’s wedding and for the time we spent together gathering the buds. It was fun! There were over two hundred and seventy-five flowers, all strong, fresh, and colorful. They lasted like that much longer than any peonies I had ever cut.

I truly know the Prophet was actively involved in my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding because I invited Him in. I prayed that all that attended the wedding would be blessed personally by God in some way. Though I didn’t pray for good weather, it was a beautiful, perfect weekend from Thursday thru Monday, covering all the events. From the feedback I got from many guests, they felt blessed too.

Written by Martha Stinson

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