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You are loved and you are not alone. When you are blessed to actually experience these two truths, joy and abundance can more fully flourish in your life. An aspect of the Divine is always with you to provide love and guidance.

Be inspired by reading these incredible true stories of everyday people experiencing God’s loving presence.


One of my earliest memories from this life is sitting in our playroom and the comfort that I received in these four words…. “you are not alone.” I was about six at the time and my parents were going through a divorce. I was blessed that both of my parents had given me a strong foundation that I was loved no matter what, yet I was still hurting inside and felt lonely. There was a sadness and uncertainty in our house that naturally came from the process of the divorce.

This particular afternoon I was watching the rain out the window and feeling very alone as I swung gently on our indoor swing. Suddenly I had the sense that I was being comforted. No one was physically near me, I was physically alone, yet a presence was with me and I heard and knew the truth in these words “You are not alone.” I remember curling into that loving presence and feeling safe and secure in that love in a time when my outer structure felt unstable. I was safe in this presence. “It” knew my heart without me even having to speak. And “It” comforted me on such a deep level. I continued swinging, not wanting the presence to leave. Yet time moved on. I do not recall even thinking to ask someone what that presence was, I just knew that it was a real experience, “It” loved me, and that “It” was speaking Truth, that I was not alone, no matter what I faced in life.

It was not until many years later, when I was in my twenties and came to the Nature Awareness School, that I learned more about the presence I had felt as a child. One of the first Truths I learned at the spiritual retreats was the same Truth I had heard on the inner as a child, “You are not alone.” God had not sent us into this world without a guide to help us return Home, and to make the journey smoother. Over the years, this Truth has become a foundation in my life. My teacher Del, the Prophet of our times, has taught me to recognize Divine communication and to see the presence of God’s guidance in my daily life. God still speaks to His children. Just as it is promised in the Bible, our Heavenly Father has sent and blessed us with a Comforter who is always there, not only in our times of need, but in our times of joy as well. I am so grateful that this Truth has become a living reality in my life. A presence of Divine love that guides, nurtures, teaches and helps clear the way, so that we don’t have to wait until the end of this life to experience Heaven’s gifts. A guide that can help us here and now to experience God’s treasures of peace, contentment and most of all God’s love.

We truly are not alone. Listen for His guidance, it is there for each and every one of us during our journey here on Earth. Listen, and you too may hear God’s Voice comforting and guiding you Home to peace, to true security, and to love. Reminding you, that you too, are not alone.

Written by Molly Comfort