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Dreams are so much more than simply images. They are not just a television set on the back of our eyelids projected by the mind that we passively watch. They are memories of our active experiences in the greater worlds of Spirit and one way that God can teach and bless us. Sometimes a dream might contain a profound truth but leave no visual memory but rather, a knowingness. Do not discount these.

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It was early March and I could hear the cold biting wind outside nipping at the windows of the log cabin we were staying in. I was in that cozy place between the dream world and the world where my physical body lay resting. I tried to gently go over my dream so I could record it in my dream journal. Eyes still closed, I continued to stay in that space, savoring it. No images of the adventures I had drifted into my consciousness, just a feeling. A deep solid as a rock, sink-your-teeth-into kind of feeling. As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and pulled my dream journal closer to write, I lay there stumped. I had no words to write. I could not remember any details of the experience I had just left.

Journaling my dreams is one way I demonstrate gratitude for the sacred experiences I have been given, so pulling my pen cap off I began to write. “I don’t remember my dream, but I woke up feeling right with God.” I climbed down the ladder to the main cabin area and after a warm breakfast of home cooked oatmeal we gathered at the table for class. We began our small class by sharing our dreams from the night before with our teacher Del Hall.

Soon it was my opportunity to share. I felt a little sheepish thinking I did not have much to share with the group. Del listened with full attention as I shared not remembering my dream but waking up and feeling right with God. Del’s eyes smiled as he said, “one of the most important aspects of a dream is what God is trying to communicate to us.” He continued, “most people would love to wake up feeling right with God.” I sat there jaw slightly dropped. “I feel right with God.” The gravity and magnitude of those seemingly simple words slowly sunk in. My heart overflowed with love. I was immediately glad I had spoken up and shared my dream, and even more grateful to Del for personally helping me to understand the gift of love I had been given.

To this day I cherish that dream. I often revisit that moment where I remember being snuggled warm in my sleeping bag and nestled in God’s Heart. That feeling so lovingly placed in my heart continues to bless me and provide me with spiritual nourishment, bringing me comfort and strength when the storms in life make the surface waves choppy and I seek something solid under my feet.

Back in the cabin at the Nature Awareness School Del’s discourse on dreams continued as we learned how to become more fluent in the language of the Divine, to better understand the subtle inner communication we all have. Del taught us many things that morning such as sometimes all we remember when we wake is a sound or a color. At other times we wake with just a feeling or a knowing that a personal message from God was placed directly in our hearts. I felt a week’s worth of learning and truth was imparted into our hearts in the following hours, and before we could blink it was time for lunch.

Sitting around that table, warmed by the steadily burning fire in the wood stove and the truth in Del’s words, I learned the importance of trusting my experiences. I learned the importance of having a teacher to personally help me understand the blessings I have been given. Especially when it is a “simple dream,” like waking up feeling right with God.

Written by Ahna Spitale


If you would like to “feel right” in your relationship with God, the wisdom contained within these true stories can help you on your way.