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The pearl of this testimony is the blessing of having the Prophet as your spiritual guide. He is capable of teaching you here in the physical and meeting with you in the dream worlds. Having a spiritual teacher of this magnitude as you journey through life and home to God is a profound blessing.

Read stories about how others have been blessed by this sacred connection.


Ten years ago when I found out that I was pregnant with my second child I felt very worried, anxious, and concerned because I had had a second mammogram before realizing I was pregnant. I was consumed with fear and worry not knowing if there would potentially be any harmful effects.

While experiencing these extreme emotions, I had a dream on 8/29/04, where Del, my Spiritual Guide came to me. He said, “Stop worrying; it really counteracts. Focus on love and be positive.” I woke up released from the worry that had been consuming me. I was completely free to move on and to enjoy my pregnancy, and to trust that my baby would be OK. I chose to do just that.

Three months later I was put on bed rest for the remaining four months. During this time I knew I was in the Hand of God and we were both being taken care of. The dream gave me a knowing that I was not alone, but being watched over. I was then able to view and experience my time on bed rest as a gift. Although there was a few incidents and moments of major concern, and even hospitalization – deep in my heart I felt at peace. On March 8th our son was born five weeks early, but healthy and strong.

I remember going to the doctor for my one week after delivery checkup where I was given a clean bill of health. I stood and cried, and cried. They were not tears of sadness or trauma or even tears due to hormonal fluctuations from giving birth, but because we survived and because God was with us in every moment. God was taking care of us no matter what the situation looked like. The knowingness that we were in God’s Hands brought on an overflow of appreciation that poured out of me. I thank you God for the gift of my family.

Written by Moira Cervone

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