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You need not wait until the end of your earthly life to see your loved ones again. The Prophet can bring you together to visit with them in Heaven now, even while you are still living. What a blessing and opportunity for healing these moments can be.

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1948 McCormick Deering Farmall farm tractor

When I was growing up my family was very involved in our local church. I would go to Sunday school, regular service and other events that were held at the church. There was one particular time when I attended a funeral, it was my first time and I was about seven or eight years old. I noticed the family was very sad that a family member had passed away, and they felt that they would not see them again. The question I had in my heart at that time was will they ever see them again or only will they see them in Heaven? As a young boy I asked my mother was this true, will a family only see their loved ones after they die, only in Heaven? My mother said yes, that would be the only time they could see them again. I really felt sad for the family thinking they would never see this person again, only until they go to Heaven.

Many years passed since that day. As I grew older many of my family members passed on and I would think about them and miss them. I often wondered if I would see them again in Heaven. I attended a class at Nature Awareness School and I was told that dreams are real and dreams are one way that Divine Spirit talks to us. Del, a Prophet of God, taught us that dreams could be healing, and if we asked the Prophet, he could guide you in a dream.

Twenty years have passed since I first heard that dreams are real and you may be able to talk to or see a loved one that has passed in a dream. Since then both of my parents have passed on and I have seen them again in my dreams. The dreams that I have had with them have been healing and have soothed my heart. I have missed my parents and seeing them again and other loved ones in dreams have given me the opportunity to know that they are okay; it has been a blessing from God.

My dad loved to work outside either in the garden or ride the tractor mowing grass. I would sit next to him on his old Farmall tractor while he plowed the garden or mowed the grass; it was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. I had a dream with my father a couple years after he passed that was healing. In the dream he was driving a tractor and he drove up to me with a big smile on his face. No words were said but I could feel the love that was coming from him and I was so happy to see him. We took a ride around the yard a couple of times and he dropped me off where we started, I was so happy, I didn’t want it to end. This dream eased my heart and let me know that my dad was okay. I was able to see him again; he was wearing a white shirt with work pants and his favorite straw hat. I knew that he was okay and that he loved me, and he demonstrated that love by giving me a ride on the tractor in the dream.

Knowing that this dream was a blessing from God has given me peace with my fathers passing, and I am grateful. Knowing that I could see my loved ones again in a dream also gives me peace in my heart. How I wish that I could tell that family at the funeral when I was a young boy that they could also see their loved ones again in dreams if they asked the Prophet. I am grateful for this knowledge and to have experienced seeing my dad again. My question was answered; I could see my loved ones again. Thank you Prophet!

Written by Golder O’Neill


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