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Tuning in with spirit during prayer is one of the best ways for you, Soul, to receive nourishment. One of the purest prayers is singing HU, an ancient name for God, as an expression of love and gratitude to God. Singing HU alone is wonderful, but there is truly something glorious about joining with a multitude to do so. The following is an experience from one of the group HU sings we hosted on the mountain.


While attending a “HU Sing” at the Nature Awareness School, I had an experience in the Light and Sound of God, which is a more definitive name for the Holy Spirit or Voice of God. I have been a student there since 2005. In this time I have seen this Light many times and heard the Sound in various ways. I know that it is only by the Grace of God that I am able to have these experiences. Each experience builds on the next, and I realize these precious gifts are not random. There is a very personal nature to my experiences and how love is expressed to me.

As Del led us in singing HU, I listened to his voice and the voice of many souls expressing their love and gratitude to God. I began to perceive a growing ball of blue light at my inner vision (third eye or spiritual eye). The blue turned to intense white light, and I had a sense of floating, as if, weightless. My teacher was with me, as the inner guide now, and we began to rise up inside of this light. Before long I was bobbing as if I was on a raft in an ocean. The nourishment of this light came in waves. In the light, I experienced wisdom, peace, love, joy, and boundlessness. I was a part of a living sea of God’s Light and Sound. I was cleansed, cared for, and uplifted in this presence.

There was texture to this light and sound. It was not static, but alive. It came from a living God and I became more alive in this experience. I know more of my true nature and some of the nature of God as a result. A deep realization spoke to my heart and I knew it as the voice of God. “I love you – I love all my children – You are a part of my living essence.”

These words opened me even more to love and I prayed never to take this experience for granted, any of my experiences. Part of me knows that language and words cannot truly convey my experience and how it continues to deepen my realization of God and of my true self. I am transformed by the solid foundation of knowing, not believing, that a living, loving, and merciful presence does exist and that we exist because of the endless love it pours out. This continues to inspire me to discover and rediscover my Divine gifts and live them out loud. That is why I share this.

My story is not about how loved I am, but how loved we all are. We are never alone. There was a time in my life when I felt alone. I did not know or perceive this Light and Sound, this loving presence. I only discovered it, as I said, by the Grace of God, and the tools and truth I learned at Nature Awareness School. This has made it possible for me to know that God is real. It’s Light and Sound nourishes, animates, and sustains all creation.

My heart tells me that God wants to feed all of us, but we must open our “spiritual mouths” to accept this nourishment. Singing HU is one way that is available to all, regardless of our spiritual path or where we are in our relationship with God.

Written by Tash Canine