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The Prophet gently unlocks our hearts and minds to his presence and to the Love of God at a pace that is perfect for each of us. To receive too much, too fast, would be counterproductive. The Prophet will often make his presence known with a blue light. This can happen in a dream or during the waking state. Either way, it is an invitation to accept the hand being offered and a reminder that we are never alone.

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A few months after I attended my first spiritual retreat in 1998 at the Nature Awareness School I had a very special dream. At the retreat I learned that my dreams were real experiences worth paying attention to and that I could learn, grow, and have spiritual adventures in my dreams as Soul.

In my dream I was walking in a meadow along a crystal clear stream that seemed to sparkle as it meandered through the green grass. The sunlight seemed to illuminate everywhere I walked even though it was daytime. As I walked, I came to a blue flower next to the stream that became animated and seemed to want to show me something. The bright blue flower turned a bit and it seemed to be pointing to a rock near the stream with its little leaves. It sort of nodded and said, “hey – look over here.” I looked at and around the rock but did not notice anything in particular but I had this feeling that there was something very special going on; I just had not recognized it yet. I looked back at the blue flower and it was pointing to the rock. I then turned the rock over and hidden beneath it was a golden key. The key had golden light shining all around it. Reaching down, I picked up the glowing key and held it in front of me with both my hands. Holding the key I felt light, free, and a warm love around me. I took the key on my journey and woke up feeling very light and happy.

When I was given this dream I was excited but didn’t know what it meant at the time, but I knew it was very special. I did not know much about Prophets or the Heavenly worlds, but I had begun singing HU and had started to pay more attention to my dreams. Even though I did not recognize it at the time, this was a gift from God through His Prophet. God was reaching out to me in a way I could accept and understand without shocking my mind.

Early on the Prophet would let me be aware of his presence with a flash of blue light or in this case a blue flower and show me the way to something new. The blue light of the flower was showing me the way to a better life that is fulfilling the dreams of Soul. Because of my spiritual teacher Del Hall, over time, I have been taught to recognize and become fluent in the language and nature of the Divine. This has been accomplished by the personal experiences that have blessed my life since becoming a student at the Nature Awareness School. These experiences have given me a whole new life in which I feel very blessed to be living. The golden key I was given years ago has unlocked my heart to my true Divinity, God’s endless Love, and the Heavenly worlds.

Written by Mark Snodgrass

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