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One of the most sacred things to understand about the Prophet is his ability to teach you in the physical – the “outer” and in the spiritual realms, or the “inner.” By connecting with us, in both these states, more wisdom and joy can be passed on and in a very real sense, we are never alone.

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The Prophet is always with me. Throughout the day, in everything I do, his loving presence is there to guide me. To consult with and to share all the ups and downs, interactions, and experiences that flow in and out of my life. Our relationship is sacred and it is the most precious gift ever.

Sometimes after a long bustling day, I like to sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea and just be quiet. Even though I know he is there, I don’t want to take his presence for granted, so I’ll consciously invite the Prophet to share a cup of tea with me. There is something beautiful and very special about sitting in silence with someone you love.

One frigid night this past winter as we sat having tea, listening to the crackling of the fire, I was feeling especially grateful for its warmth. I was also appreciating the gifts of health to cut the wood that was burning, a warm home, the kitty curled up on my lap, knowing who the Prophet is, and being able to share this time together. I began to sing HU. HU is a love song to God and in singing HU, I was expressing my love and saying “Thank you for all this abundance.”

The Prophet took me to a place in the inner spiritual worlds that is peaceful, calm, and very still. There was no time and no movement. It just was, and it was exquisite. It was like an oasis of tranquility. My whole being smiled and was filled with joy as I listened to the Sound of Divine Spirit, the sweet music of the Heavens. Its life-giving energy flowed through me. I rested there with the Prophet and was nourished and rejuvenated.

A unique ability God gives the Prophet is that he can be with someone on the inner and the outer; both are important to one’s spiritual growth. Whether conscious of it or not, we are never alone and never have been. But if we invite the Prophet into our heart and nurture that relationship, life will be blessed in ways beyond imagination and dreams can become reality. His love (that has always been there) can flow more freely; inspiring and uplifting us and every aspect of our life. Life lived with the Prophet makes ordinary things extra-ordinary and can turn a simple cup of tea into a sacred experience to savor and cherish.

Written by Lorraine Fortier