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Guidance from God can come in many ways and be about any part of our life. Sometimes it can be very obvious, sometimes very subtle. The key is being aware and learning to trust what your heart knows to be true, regardless of what anyone else says.

Our Dream Study Retreats and Workshops can help you recognize and understand the ways God is trying to guide you to a happier life.


In the summer of 2013 my husband Mark and I were planning a week long vacation in Houghton Lake, Michigan to visit friends and family. We currently live in Virginia so all our searching had to be done on the internet. We found a listing “Romantic Cabin for Two” that looked promising, but it was twenty minutes away from my aunt’s house. My aunt thought we should rent a cabin that was across the street from her. Which to pick? It was hard to decide if we should be closer to her or enjoy the nicer lake getaway. I asked my inner guide, the Prophet, for help and then went about the day.

While at the store shopping the next day I was cruising an isle of spices when a bag of bay leaves caught my eye. I picked it up and opened the twist tie to inhale the rich aroma of the leaves. They smelled wonderful. Even though I did not need them I threw them in the cart. Later that night I was looking at a map of Houghton Lake to see exactly where the cabin we liked was in relation to my aunt’s house. I discovered it was located on the bay. Then I realized my strong attraction to the bay leaves was telling me to stick with my original choice, the cabin on the bay!

I shared this awake dream dream during my first Dream Retreat at the Nature Awareness School and the teacher, Del IV, helped me see a pearl of wisdom in this experience. He asked the question, “What if the bay leaves meant to leave the bay?” (Bay- LEAVE). I took a moment to check how I felt. He told me not to change my answer. He reminded me to follow my heart when interpreting an awake dream. Awake dreams most often are confirmations of what we already know to be true.

Mark and I decided to book the romantic cabin. I attended the Dream Retreat before I went on vacation so this was a good opportunity to test my “truth detector.” This is something I learned about at the Nature Awareness School. We all have one; it is a blessing from God that helps me to navigate through life. It allows me to know truth when I hear it and has been strengthened as I have learned to trust my inner communication from the Prophet.

Sure enough, when Mark and I pulled up the gravel drive to the bayside cabin our jaws were dropping. The entire place inside and out was put together with so much love. It was more beautiful than the pictures online. Even my aunt, who was originally disappointed in our decision, said we made the right choice.

God can use anything, even a bay leaf, to get a message across if we are receptive to Its Voice. We can ask God for help. There is no issue too small. If it is important to us, it is important to God. We are Soul and as such God has given us the ability to receive Its guidance. This inner communication is my lifeline. Knowing that God is still active and guiding me has made my life such a joy to live. We are never alone!

Written by Carmen Snodgrass