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The Divine seeks to bless us with insights and guidance in all areas of our life, even with finding the perfect job. The key is – can you hear and understand those gentle whisperings and will you trust and follow the timing?


Last summer I was down to the wire of needing a job. Right before leaving for a weekend retreat up at the Nature Awareness School I got a nudge to look at job listings. I opened up an ad on Craigslist for an administrative assistant. The job opening was for a part time position in a town thirty minutes away.

After the weekend I asked for guidance on the inner from the Prophet in writing a cover letter and tweaking my resume. Taking these with me it felt important to go and fill out an application at the Housing Authority, which was handling applications for the hiring company. When handing in the paperwork I inquired when the application paperwork would be picked up by the property management company and was told it would probably happen once the ad was done running.

While in town I visited some other businesses and left resumes. After listening to a very strong inner nudge to at least drive by the company’s office to see where it was located, I decided to park nearby and commune inwardly with the Prophet. Asking on the inner what I should do, I got a very strong sense of a “can do” attitude and energy as a team, and that it would be important to hand a resume and cover letter directly to someone in the office. As I started to walk towards the office I got inner direction to not go there quite yet. Walking with and listening to the inner guidance I was reminded of the importance to detach from the outcome. It may have also been a timing issue.

When I got to the office the door was locked and the doorbell was lit up. I saw someone inside and got the “inner go ahead” to press the doorbell. A Vice President from the company came to the door. When I handed her my resume and letter for the job opening she had a very puzzled look on her face, and said that they did not have a job ad on Craigslist and that there was someone already in that position.

Well she continued to talk, she said that they were having a crisis at another location several hours away and that was taking their attention at the moment. Eventually she came back around to say that actually they were not happy with the current person in the position at the local property and had not yet addressed it due to the crisis situation. She mentioned that they hire through a specific temp agency. I told her that was interesting, as that is the company I currently work for! She came up with the idea that perhaps it would be an easy transfer. Then she said she knows that you are not supposed to talk about religion in the industry, but this is a “God thing!” I agreed with her that it definitely was a “God thing!”

As I was returning home I received a call to set up an interview and chose the earliest available date, which was the next morning. By the following Monday I was working in that position! It evolved from no ad, no job, to starting to work the following week! The temp agency says they never use Craigslist to advertise and no one has taken credit for writing the ad. The ad was written for me, tailor made to match my work skills and experience. In my heart I am very grateful to God. Getting the job is just one layer of the blessings. My gratitude is especially deep for the teamwork and relationship that I experienced with the Prophet. A loving relationship with the Prophet of God is priceless and affects all areas of life in a positive way.

Another precious layer, God read my heart. For the past several years it has been my dream and goal to work and live in that town, but the goal seemed so far away from fruition. God’s plan and timing is impeccable. All sorts of details, large and down to very small, have come together in this job and it has been a perfect match for me and for the company. Things have worked out way beyond any possible planning on my own. Truly we are loved by God, and the love and blessings are available and showered upon us. It took the teachings of the Prophet to be aware of and to see and experience God’s love for me.

Written by Jan Reid