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Another benefit to learning the “Language of the Divine” is being able to hear when God is trying to warn us of danger. In the following story the author received multiple insights that quite possibly saved her life. They came in the form of what some would consider “coincidences.” The warnings were more than coincidence.


I was driving to work on a Sunday and flipping through the radio stations when I heard a voice that I recognized. It was a friend of mine on NPR talking about his work. So I listened to it until I got to work.

When I left work the radio station was still on the same channel. I typically do not listen to this station but found myself listening to “Car Talk” with Click and Clack. A woman called in and asked about her steering wheel shaking, as I listened, I recognized that my own steering wheel had been shaking for a few weeks. I was curious to hear the problem and they told her she had a tire problem and she needed to get it fixed immediately because if it fell off or broke on the highway it could be the end of her. Right as they said this, my check engine light came on, another awake dream for me to pay attention.

The next day I listened to a spiritual seminar where the speaker mentioned listening to Click and Clack the day before. I was very excited to hear this about the show I “randomly” was listening to the day before! So needless to say after all these awake dreams, I was paying attention. I took my car in the next day and it came back with a huge amount of problems with an estimate of around eight thousand dollars to fix. One of the problems was with my axles; they were dried out and ready to separate at any moment, making driving very dangerous. With the very high estimated cost of the repairs it made more sense to just by a newer used car.

In the morning I sang HU and contemplated as to how dangerous the car was and could I drive it for a little while longer? I did not want to rush into buying another car. I prayed to God and opened a spiritual book “at random” and it said “We serve God and life out of gratitude. Why? For the blessings we have received. What is the greatest blessing? The gift of life itself. It’s living. It’s getting more experience in life, learning more about who and what you are.” I definitely took this as another awake dream that my car is dangerous and could potentially cost me my life. The hand of God was guiding me and protecting me throughout this experience. I am so grateful for the teachings that have taught me how to recognize the hand of God in my daily life.

Written by Emily Allred

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