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There is no limit to what even a single drop of God’s Love can do. It can move mountains, part seas, change destinies, heal relationships, and so much more. It is possible to visit the source and drink from this well.


I have learned by experience that it is entirely possible to perceive some of the wonders of God’s Heavens while still walking the Earth. My body cannot visit these realms of God, but I, Soul, can do so with the help of my spiritual guide and teacher. He can and does take me on journeys beyond the confines of space and time even while my body sits upon the ground, or in a favorite chair.

After singing HU, an ancient love song to God, for quite some time, I had the opportunity to go on one such journey. I was led to what seemed like a vast ocean. What appeared at first to be water was actually unlimited quantities of love and mercy. Kneeling before this vast ocean of love and mercy, I knew that I was in the Presence of God, the creator of all things. The waters, and even what seemed to be the sands of the beach, were alive, energetic, glittering gold, sometimes blue with hints of other colors. There I experienced a deep peace and contentment, a sense of completeness far beyond what I had previously known. The living waters gently caressed me, like the hand of a father welcoming home a child who has been gone a long time.

Del, my teacher, suggested I dip one finger in this ocean and consider how much of God’s Love is contained in a single drop. I was asked to consider how much impact a single drop of this Divine Love could have upon this Earth.

So I dipped my finger in this Heavenly Sea, and I experienced the living water glowing gold, tinged with other rich colors. It flowed around my finger, not as though pulled by gravity, but with loving intent and creative purpose, glowing intensely and spreading a strong but gentle warmth through my finger and entire being. Suddenly my consciousness expanded to see some of the potential of that little bit of Divine essence. In an instant I saw that this little drop of God’s Love could heal countless broken hearts and comfort countless hurting Souls. It can change the course of one’s destiny, averting tragedy and bringing peace instead. There are no limits to what God’s Love can do, though we may limit it with what our minds believe to be impossible.

So, dear reader, I testify to you that there is even now a Prophet of God who may take you to this same Divine well, that you may also experience and drink deeply of these living waters. God is real, and God’s Love is available to you in quantities beyond measure. Drink deeply of God’s Love, and share the peace and joy you find in this with those you love and meet. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to share my experience with you.

Written by Timothy C. Donley