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The following is a beautiful dream experience that serves as a reminder – there is a place for all of us. What a comfort it is to know this.


One night after singing HU, a love song to God, and asking God to help me accept more Divine love, I was blessed with a very special dream. In the dream I was allowed to live in a beautiful mansion. It was not my mansion but I was allowed to live there. It was God’s mansion and there was a place for me. I excitedly explored the rooms that were open. There was a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom for my children, and several hallways and entryways. The house was furnished with furniture, painted art, ancient vases, and more. The craftsmanship of the construction was gorgeous and far surpassed any physical home I have ever seen. It was not gaudy or flashy. It was handcrafted and built with every detail as important as the next.

During the dream the door to a new room that I had seen but never gone in was opened for me. It was a dressing room that had a large mirror at the top of several steps and the walls had a built-in armoire for jewelry. Every piece of jewelry had its own drawer and even the drawer handles and wood had an exquisite level of detail. Each room had so much detail and beauty that they could not be fully explored in a lifetime. I was so excited in the dream to keep exploring and was trying to absorb everything I saw. I then realized that I was only seeing a portion of the house and that there were gardens and areas to explore outside the house as well. Knowing that there was so much more beyond what I was seeing was such an awesome realization. I was so eager to continue discovering new rooms and areas.

When I awoke from this dream I felt alive and alert and also comforted and reassured but most of all loved. The dream spoke to me of the biblical quote about the many mansions in my Father’s house. God wants to draw nigh with His children and the dream was showing me that I have a safe and special place to call home. There is a place for all of God’s children in the home of God. There is so much to learn and experience in God’s Heavens and we are so blessed to be welcomed.

The dream also reminded me that there is always more to learn and more growth on my spiritual journey. The rooms symbolized consciousness and how over time our view of the world expands and we can operate from a higher vantage point. In the dream my brother and sister-in-law and I were starting to give tours of the mansion to share the experience with others. It was a joy to serve others by showing them around the beautiful mansion.

This dream has stayed with me… the excitement to explore and keep learning, the beauty and love in every detail of the mansion, the comfort and security I felt being there, and knowing on a deeper level that my true home is in the Heart of God. I look forward to possibly having another dream where I am able to explore more rooms and continue to open the door for more tours.

Written by Catherine Hughes