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Many people would love to know with confidence God loves them. Sadly, many do not. On the other side of the coin – there are folks who would cherish knowing that God receives the love they send in prayer. Singing HU answers both these prayers of the heart.


About twenty years ago HU was first shared with me by my teacher Del, a God ordained Prophet. I was stunned. Here was a simple, direct way to sing my love to God in a very real and pure way. It was a revelation to me. Not only was God alive, but He loved me. And now I could express my love to Him and He could hear it. It had been a dream of mine my entire life to be able to just once tell God directly that I loved Him. This was a prayer come true.

The HU is something I now sing daily. Whether at home, or in the car to and from work, quietly or out loud, it has grown into an integral way of communicating with and nurturing my personal relationship with the Divine. There is also something special about singing HU with a group of people and something different about singing it at the Nature Awareness School. Here is an experience I had singing HU at the Nature Awareness School.

I am sitting in a room of about fifty people. We sing HU, a love song to God. It’s a collage of sound that soon builds in strength and depth and intent with every wave. The harmonies are absolutely blissful. At times the angelic voices around me seem to number in the thousands. At other moments it feels very small and intimate, like it is just God and us. The love is so overwhelming; I do not want to stop. How beautiful it is to hear.

After a while longer, we stop singing, but it does not feel like it has ended. The HU still reverberates. In my heart, I know I am heard. I know I am loved. Thank HU.

Written by Chris Comfort