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God can bless every area of our life. Nothing is “too small” to receive help with. The following is one such example of daily guidance from the Divine.


I woke up one morning with lower back pain and wanted to go to my chiropractor to get an adjustment. I thought, “It’s Monday, he’ll probably be too busy today.” And so I dismissed getting the adjustment I needed.

I proceeded with my morning routine and then drove the kids to school. After taking the kids to school I drove back home. I got out of the car and headed toward the house when I noticed a business/calling card on the gravel in the driveway. I picked it up and adjusted the faded card so I could read it. It was the chiropractor’s business card!

I knew this was Divine Spirit’s way of communicating with me! So I listened to this message and proceeded to go to the chiropractor that same morning. He adjusted my back and I continue to feel great! The chance of finding his card right in my path (in my line of vision) was more than a coincidence… It was a gift from God. God cares about my well-being and sent me the encouragement to get the help I needed. I am very grateful.

Written by Moira Cervone