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The Light of God is real and you can experience it for yourself. This is because God still reaches out to bless His children with His Light in our times – not just in the past. The Light of God has everything you need and ultimately it is an expression of God’s Love for you.


Flames thirty feet high. Water shooting out of a three-inch hose at four hundred and fifty gallons per minute. Charging into a smoke filled building. Firefighters live for that stuff.

Tonight was a quiet evening at the firehouse. We only had a few minor calls, accompanying the EMS to a local residence for “difficulty breathing.” A nice calm night – the kind firefighters know is better, even if we live for action.

I had recently joined up with the local volunteer department. I was still getting to know everybody, and still getting used to spending one night a week on the lumpy bunk room mattress. Earlier in the day I decided to try something new: I brought my dream notebook with me to the firehouse. I’d written my dreams down for years, but this was the first time I brought my notebook to the firehouse. Something told me I had to. That night, I had an incredible dream. Del, my spiritual teacher, was sitting with me and another student. We were at Del’s school, sitting close and facing each other.

Del began teaching, and as he did a solid beam of pure yellow and white light showered down upon us. It was pure light, brighter and more real than anything in the physical world. It was almost tangible, like light you could feel and touch. It didn’t just shine, it went into me and through me. It cleansed me from the inside out. It was brighter than the sun, but not hot: it brought peace, stability, and balance; but most of all the incredible feeling of God’s Love. I awoke feeling reassured, balanced, and uplifted. But most of all, Loved.

The Light of God is available to us today. It is not just something to read about. God is a Living God, with Living Prophets, and he still communicates and blesses with His Light. This dream came at a time when I was a bachelor living by myself. It showed that even though I was “alone,” I was not really alone. God’s Love and Light were with me, everywhere, through his Prophet.

This experience was also an example of the Bible verse, James 4:8. “Draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you.” I had “drawn nigh,” or closer to God, by bringing my notebook to the firehouse. This was a tangible step to put my spiritual path first. God responded a thousand times over by blessing me with an intense and beautiful experience with his Light. I knew I had a duty to share this experience with others.

We didn’t do any firefighting that night. It was just a “quiet night” at the firehouse.

Written by David Hughes