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The Light of God manifests itself in many different colors. Each color has a specific meaning and can provide additional insight into the nature of your experience. To witness any aspect of the Light of God is a profound blessing and an expression of God’s Love for you.


Before I attended my first class at the Nature Awareness School I had come across references to spiritual light in books and heard people talk about it, but this light was nonetheless a mental concept to me. It was something that I had no personal experience with. All of this changed during my first class at the school. I was sitting out in the woods one evening as part of an awareness exercise when a beautiful deer walked in front of me. It was alerted by a slight turn of my head and started snorting and moving its head back and forth as it tried to identify me amid the fading light of day. My heart went out to the deer, as I felt love for this part of God’s creation, when suddenly everything in my field of vision – the deer, the trees, everything around me – became filled with a shimmering blue light. During this I felt Divine Love flood into my heart and fill my whole being.

The deer then bounded off and I stood up, amazed by what had just taken place. I had the knowing in my heart that Divine Spirit is real, and that what I had just experienced was way beyond anything that I could ever perceive with my physical senses alone. When I shared this experience with Del he did not seem at all surprised. He said that it was great and an important step on my path, and that there is a lot of spiritual help available to me. This experience was so stunning to me that I felt compelled to return to the school for a spiritual retreat and learn more about this amazing blue light.

As I attended more classes and continued to have more experiences with the blue light, both on and off of the school property, in dreams and while awake, I came to learn that this light was one of the aspects of the Light of God. It was also the calling card of my inner spiritual guide and teacher, the one who is a true Prophet of God. This beautiful blue light has been a constant companion to me over the twenty years that have passed since that unforgettable summer evening at the Nature Awareness School.

Sometimes it comes as a flash of light so small that I could easily miss it if I was not paying attention. Whenever I see it, it is a welcome reminder that my guide and teacher is spiritually with me. This presence helps me to make better choices that have led to a life of an abundance of peace, love, and the strength to endure life’s challenges. This is an abundance that I never dreamed was possible twenty years ago when all that I could see was filled with the blue Light of God. I am grateful to Del and the Nature Awareness School for creating a peaceful, relaxed setting, away from the stresses of daily life in which to experience God’s Love and Its Light, a light that has within it everything that I need.

Written By Roland Vonder Muhll