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In a very real sense many people on Earth live in a prison. A prison of consciousness. It is here we are blinded to the divinity within us. It is here we are trapped by the illusion that there is nothing more. It is here we get so wrapped up with the non-stop distractions, that even if the prison door was open, some would not know to step through it. Fortunately, some do.


I was in my thirties and was experiencing an inner unrest. I did not know or understand at the time what it was but there was something deep within me stirring. I did not know what this unrest was or how to resolve it. I was seeking something, but what? I had a beautiful family, friends, home, and wonderful comforts but something was calling to me. One night the desperate feeling was so intense I called out in a prayer “I want to go home.” It surprised me, I did not know what this meant but it came from a deep place within me.

I received a brochure for the Nature Awareness School in the mail a short time after that experience. After some consideration I decided to go and it changed my life in so many good ways. I am blessed with a spiritual teacher that has given me spiritual tools and over time changed the unrest to peace within me. One of the tools given was the study of dreams.

I had a dream that seemed simple but defined me and my journey in life prior to going to the school. In this dream I was in a clean, tidy, comfortable, and nicely decorated room. I looked around and it became apparent that the room was a prison cell. The cell door was open and on the other side were my spiritual teacher, the Prophet, and two other teachers. I was being given the opportunity to get out of the prison cell.

At the time I did not recognize I was living my life as if living in a prison cell. My life from all outward appearance was well, yet something inside me knew differently. The prison cell represented things that limited my freedom; fears, worries, vanity, attachments, negative attitudes, as well as unhealed experiences from past lives. I did not realize I was living in a prison cell because it was comfortable and familiar.

In the dream I hesitated to leave the confinement of the cell. I seemed to be frozen in my old familiar ways. When the door started to close I made the decision to leave the confines of the cell and took full hold of my spiritual teacher. Through the years he has been teaching me and giving me spiritual tools to use to break free of the prison of human consciousness. The Prophet opened a doorway to a new way of living where I now experience love, joy, peace, and a freedom I have never known.

Written by Renée Walker