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My father, Del Hall III, has led many a seeker on journeys into the Heavenly realms during both waking and sleeping states to experience the Holy Ghost – the Sound and Light of God. These travels help shed light on your true nature as a spiritual being and pull back the curtain on the Heavenly Kingdom.


When I was a young boy my parents played traditional Japanese flute music each night to help me fall asleep. The gentle melodies seemed to be the only thing that could coax me into rest. The soothing compositions brought a peace that was largely absent during my waking hours. I looked forward each night to the familiar sounds. I am so grateful that they played this beautiful music. But nothing could compare to the music of the flute I heard in a dream, years later.

This dream was given to me seven years ago. I awoke in full consciousness to find myself in a region of pure light. As far as the eye could see was vibrant, pulsating, yellow light emanating from a central figure. Closer to the figure the light became ever more pure, whiter and whiter, finer and finer. The light itself seemed dynamic and alive. In the middle of this light-filled universe sat Del Hall, my spiritual guide, a true Prophet of God. He played a traditional wooden flute.

His music filled this world, the most beautiful sound I have ever heard! As he played, I did not know if a minute had passed, or a day, or a month, or a year. I could not tell distance either: Del sat in the center of this beautiful world, but was he three feet away, or three miles? There was no way to tell, for there was no matter in this realm. It was only the pure Light and Sound of Heaven. As he played the music brought peace that far surpassed anything I had experienced before. This peace entered me and filled me, and it lives in my heart to this day. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Simply placing my attention on this dream brings back the serenity of this beautiful music. This is the peace that surpasses all understanding spoken of in the Bible. Upon waking, I was overcome and gave thanks for this incredible experience.

This was more than a dream. It was a journey into Heaven. The fifth Heaven, where only purity and goodness and light exist. There was no time, no near or far, no shadow, no high or low. There was only the Source, and the Light and Sound of God. In the Bible, Saint Paul said he knew a man who was caught up to the third heaven (Second Corinthians 12:2). This means that there is at least a first heaven, a second, and a third. This dream took place in the fifth Heaven, where there is no matter, only Light and Sound. There is no evil, only goodness and light. As a Prophet of God, Del Hall is able to take his students into the Heavens in full consciousness. To the fifth Heaven and beyond.

This dream motivated me to continue my spiritual path without hesitation. It showed me that Del was no ordinary preacher or spiritual teacher. Something I had already known in my heart, but this left no doubt. He is the modern Prophet of God, able to share the Light and Sound of God. Following his teachings and guidance had led to this experience, and the understanding of it.

Many have heard references to the Light of God. Few have heard of the Sound, the Heavenly white music. Yet scattered references to it exist in the various world scriptures. Having experienced it, I can tell you that it is unlike anything else. It is more than “music.” It is the voice of God, and it carries all the qualities of God’s love. Peace, love, mercy, joy, and more! It can be experienced by man today. It is this sound, this beautiful Sound of God that can carry Soul back to its eternal home.

Written by David Hughes