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You are more than your physical body – you are Soul, a spiritual being. With the Prophet’s help Soul is capable of leaving the physical and traveling into the Heavens. These journeys help one to gain in wisdom, love and understanding.


During a class at the Nature Awareness School Del led us on a guided contemplation to the high, Heavenly worlds. I have gone back to this particular experience many times to re-experience it. Though the core of the experience remains the same, each visit is different as I see things from a different perspective.

I was on the beach of a beautiful ocean and offered an opportunity to see an aspect of God. The Prophet pointed me to a golden path that lay before me along the beach. I ran down the path as it twisted and turned through the dunes. I arrived at a huge beam of light, the Light of God.

I stepped inside and realized that it did not seem bright. I knew I was within a beam of light, but could not see a distinction between the beam and everything else. In this place, there was not light and dark, high and low, or good and evil as it was beyond duality, beyond anything negative. I could not see the edge of the light because everything was light; there were no shadows. The light filled me with God’s Love, saturating every part of me and more.

I rose up within the light, moving toward its source. I found myself within the Hand of God, gazing up into the Face of God. It seemed like a moment, yet each time I returned I found that I never left. Like there are no shadows there, it is beyond the restrictions of time and space. That moment is as real, vibrant, and present today as it was when I first experienced it. With the Prophet’s help, I can savor that moment for a lifetime and continue to learn from it as I see things from different angles. In that moment gazing into the Face of God, I wanted for nothing. In that hand is where I have always been and shall be, in that moment in eternity.

Written by Jean Enzbrenner