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We are living on Earth during unprecedented times. The opportunity for spiritual growth in this lifetime is almost unlimited. God is directly seeking a more personal relationship with each and every one of us. The hand of the Divine is reaching out  – will you accept it?


I was at a spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School. Del was guiding us in a spiritual exercise that helped us tune out distractions of the outer world and go on the inner to seek guidance, counsel, and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

We opened our hearts to Divine Love by thinking of things in our lives that we were truly grateful for and then we sang HU, a beautiful love song to God. I felt totally safe and was receptive to whatever experiences and adventures might come. I could see violet and blue lights swirling in my inner vision. My eyes were closed so I knew the light was not physical in nature. This was spiritual light.

This inner vision became very bright. There was a beam of white light that came into view and out of this came “golden threads.” One of these golden threads was being offered to each of us. It was a gift of love direct from God. We were told that if we wanted we could choose to accept it. I did. I reached out, took hold of it, and tied it under my arms like a harness. I wanted to make the most of this opportunity and I wanted this connection to stay secure. I knew that what was being offered was priceless beyond my understanding, and I never wanted to let go of It, or It let go of me. If I ever encountered difficult times or got lost in the passing parade – the non-eternal distractions of the material world; this golden cord could be a lifeline and help me find my way back home.

Even though I have not always been conscious of it being there, I know this has been a spiritual lifeline for me and has blessed me in so many ways. It is a connection between my heart and God’s Heart. The love that flows through it goes both ways. In looking back I see it was an offer to have a personal relationship with God. This relationship has grown into a true love. This love connection nourishes and sustains me every day. It has brought comfort, peace, and clarity during challenging times and has helped me learn and grow from those lessons of living. It makes “ordinary days” extra-ordinarily satisfying and full of joy, wonder, and richness. I treasure this experience and so appreciate this precious gift of God’s Grace and enduring Love.

Written by Lorraine Fortier