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Many times we are overly attached to a particular outcome or way of doing something without even knowing it. The more attached we are the more we tie God’s Hands in delivering His blessings. When we truly let go the situation can be born anew.


I am blessed to be the mom of three amazing, and beautiful girls. Eleven years ago, this journey of motherhood began. I loved being pregnant with my first child. Excitement, anticipation, worry, and joy all coexisting while we awaited her arrival. Being holistically minded, it was my deep desire to have a natural childbirth. My loving husband and I prepared as much as we possibly could, reading a plethora of books, and taking every birthing class offered in our area.

The big day was finally approaching. On June 7th, at 2:15 PM my water broke, and with it some complications arose. I was admitted to the hospital before labor truly began. A natural birth was still on the table, but as time ticked on, the outlook was looking less likely. I relied on the HU, one of my best spiritual tools to keep me calm. I felt peace and knew all would be fine. Five hundred miles away my sister-in-law was also waiting with anticipation. She kept checking in to see how labor was progressing. We went through the entire next day, and still no baby.

Exhausted at this point I gave in and they administered drugs to speed up labor. I finally yielded and accepted an epidural for the intense pain that the labor brings on. On the evening of June 8th true labor was finally setting in. My sister-in-law went to bed that evening with us in her thoughts. She had a dream, and in that dream she saw a brilliant blue light gently push the baby from my womb. Meanwhile back at the hospital, at the exact same moment, I looked at my husband and said, “I need help, I need help, and I truly surrender!”

I felt a sudden and noticeable warmth in my womb and instantly had a rush of stamina. On June 9th at 2:15 AM, exactly thirty-six hours to the minute of my water breaking, we gazed eyes upon our sweet baby girl. It was the Light of God that touched my baby and helped her come into this world. Even though earlier in the day I sang HU, and I felt peace, I still had an attachment to the way I wanted things to work out. I was not even aware of my attachments until I verbally surrendered the outcome. My sister-in-law’s dream confirmed what I was feeling in those same moments. In my hour of need God heard my cry and gave me one of the greatest joys of my life; my daughter.

Written by Kate Hall